What Becky’s Watching (Updated Frequently)

Click here to read my latest Lesbian story. Click here for a strapon story.

So, you like it rough, too? You should read this story.

Yeah? Is that your style? You’re going to love when big man Bill McIntyre take 18-year-old April’s backdoor virginity.

Like the interracial stuff, huh? You should read my Star Wars Han/Leia/Lando fantasy, Diplomatic Immunity. 

You like stories about being made a pathetic little bitch? You should read Jen enters the Batcave (celebrity pegging story).

If you liked that small penis humiliation video, you’ll love my story about April’s prom date.

Whoa. I admire any woman who can use words to get people off. You can read all of my SPH STORIES here.

Bitch is my spirit-animal. (watch your volume, she gets LOUD). You like pegging stories, little girl? Read all of my girl-loves-strapping-one-on-and-buttfucking-dudes stories, here.


Don’t forget your Goddess makes videos, too!

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