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The Sitter’s Baby I.4 – April graduates to a hard-core conclusion. A transition into womanhood and motherhood.

Chapter 4


April purred as Bill bit softly into the flesh of her neck, his hands holding her naked torso against him. She tilted her head back, savoring his edgy taste for her body.

The Hotel suite was scattered with a tornado of room service, champagne and the musk scent of sex. April’s cap and gown were tossed in a corner with her dress and bra and panties. Unlike her prom dress, the dress that she wore to graduation had had to be replaced with one that accommodated her seven-week baby-bump. The gown had covered it from the general public but it was no longer something that she could hide from her mother – nor from Marina and the boys.

Another sitter watched the boys, now. Some fat old lady from a professional service.

Suddenly in one experienced and skillful move, he lifted her into the air. She squealed with delight as she wrapped her legs around him. She squeaked again as she flew through the air, thrown down onto the downy bed and she grinned at him. She spread her legs, teasingly as he unwrapped his terrycloth robe to reveal his Adonis body, hard for her, again – for the third time that evening.

Mounting the mattress, he caressed the bareness of her tummy and leaned into her torso. He kissed the cups of her breasts until her pink nipples were stiff, and he gently teased one with his teeth. She gasped, though it didn’t hurt. In fact it drove her wild with desire until her clit throbbed. She moaned as he licked and suckled her as his fingertips dragged down her stomach and gently caressed her pussy.

“Unh-uhhhh…” she teased as she rolled him onto his back and straddled him, “My turn to do the fucking,” she smiled.

She guided his cock to her wet cunt and descended on it slowly, taking and savoring every inch of his thick meat. He grabbed her ass in his enormous hands, squeezing and massaging her buttocks as she worked his cock in her pussy.

“Don’t bruise my pretty bum, old man,” she smiled seductively.

“Fuck me…” he groaned as she rode him faster. His hips gyrated and pumped as she worked him over, taking his inches with delicious lust. Her breasts bounced, to his delight. She moaned even louder, cherishing the feeling of him thrusting into her tightness. As she felt her body edging orgasm, he suddenly pulled out.

“Hey!” she complained as he he rolled her onto the bed.

“Get on your hands and knees,” he whispered.

As she obeyed, he grabbed the bottle of lube that they had abandoned on the sheets during an earlier episode.

Her breath caught nervously in her chest as she blushed from the top of her head to her nipples.

“You’re okay,” he whispered in her ear as he caressed her bum-hole with the slick lubricant. Before long, he was entering her hole gently with his finger.

“How does that feel?” he asked.

She only nodded in approval, her eyes squeezed shut with nervousness and pleasure. the feeling spreading in her hips was beautifully wicked. It made her heart race even harder until she could hear it drumming in her head.

Applying more lube, he re-entered her a second finger, also. To her surprise, she found herself pressing against it.

“Attagirl,” he encouraged her.

When he mounted behind her and pressed his thick helmet against her warm lubricated hole, she gasped, shocked at how easily it slid into her. Her asshole stretched to wrap around his meat and she panted at the sensation of being filled in a whole new way. He pressed slowly deeper into her ass.

It was awkward at first, but by the time that every thick inch of his shaft was buried in her ass, it didn’t hurt at all and felt as natural as anything she had ever known. In fact, as soon he pulled back out even a little and then thrust suddenly deeper, she moaned wantonly in spite of herself.

He thrust harder into her ass. Harder and faster, he took her asshole like he was master of every silky piece of it. A profound feeling washed over her – a feeling of being used by him. She was his fucktoy and in a weird way – she was proud of it.

“God, baby-girl,” he grumbled as he fucked her harder and harder. She felt his balls slap against her pussy as he fucked her as deep as he could go.

“Oh, Jesus!” she cried out as she felt her body fluster with deep pleasure and nervousness. Taken like a dirty rag-doll, she could do nothing but kneel and bear to be fucked again and again.

“Fuck me, Mr. McIntyre,” she pleaded. “Fuck my ass, sir!”

“You like that?” he asked with a smile in his voice.

“I love it!” she confessed.

“You’re a dirty girl,” he toyed with her, making her blush, again as she began to cherish being spread over his enormous cock.

“Whose dirty girl am I?” she asked.

Mine,” he answered, swelling bigger and thrusting harder.

“Your what?” she teased as she gasped between his deep plunges.

“My – dirty – little – slut!” he chewed out as he ass-fucked her harder and harder.

Suddenly, fully penetrated into her ass, she felt his warm love pulsate and spill inside of her. Her clit suddenly swelled and before she could understand it, she came hard, her pussy aching for a cock to grab so much that she had to reach down and finger her cunt. Electric pleasure shot through her.

“Don’t pull out!” she pleaded. “Stay – oh, god! Oh my GOD!”

She came again. And again. Long finished, Bill held her waist, still buried deep inside of her as her legs shook and her eyes rolled in the back of her head. Ecstasy overwhelmed her and her arm gave out.

She collapsed face-first onto the soft bed, pulling him out of her but still feeling full of his warm love.

He snuggled next to her and whispered in her ear things she had no presence of mind to understand as she drifted lazily and blissfully off to sleep.

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