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The Sitter’s Baby I.3 – April tortures her prom date (while secretly in the family way).

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Chapter 3


“You little whore!” Marjorie spat as April shared her shared fries at In-N-Out.

“Oh! Announce it a little louder, Marge?” April said under her oversized dollar-store sunglasses.

“The Dad!” Marjorie shuttered. “Did he rape you or have you lost your damned mind?”

“I’m sorry I told you,” April said, slurping on the straw of her unsweetened iced tea and hiding in her hoodie.

“Me, too!” Marjorie exclaimed, “why did you?”

April didn’t answer.

“Wait,” Marjorie dropped her fries and put her hands up. “Do I want to know why?”

“I guess not,” April mumbled.

“Holy shit!” Marjorie shouted. “Holy fucking shit!”

Calm – down….” April chided her.

“Weren’t you on the pill?!”

“I ran out and you know what a bitch my Mom is about that shit!” April said.

“Well, the asshole might have put on a condom before he started to rape the babysitter!” Marjorie said with a shocked voice but a rude smile.

April put her hands up to emphasize to her friend: “I’m going to say this – only – one – time: he didn’t rape me and that isn’t funny, you sick-o!”

“What are you going to do?” Marjorie whispered.

“What choice do I have?” April answered.

“The Plan B thingie!” Marjorie said with a “Coulda-had-a-V8!” slap to her forehead. “We’ll go to the pharmacy. I’ll buy it for you if you’re too embarrassed. C’mon! We’ll go now.” She grabbed her purse, pulled out her keys and rose to her feet.

April stayed where she was and drank her tea.

“April,” Marjorie said with a warning in her voice.

“I missed, Marjorie.” April whispered. “I never miss a period, you know that. So I took a test, this morning and – here I am.”

Marjorie sank into the booth and stared at her.

“April,” she began, suddenly gravely serious and quiet. “What are you trying to do?”

April squinted at her, “You be careful what you say, Bimbo,” she warned.

“You know that no matter how unhappy this old man’s marriage is…”

April pointed at her friend with a tight-lipped silent warning.

“Okay,” Marjorie said. “For your own sake, though, April: lets get out of town and procure a hasty and ill-conceived abortion and put this business behind us.”

April knew that Marjorie was right. A baby wouldn’t just ruin her future, it would destroy Bill’s marriage and his reputation. It would put little Finley’s and Sammy’s lives into a tail-spin of a broken home.

Still she wondered: what if Bill and Marina weren’t going to make it, anyway? Wouldn’t he have a right to know that there was a chance? A chance to be with someone who adored him? To have another beautiful child? To have a woman who was good to his sons?

…a chance to be happy.

Telling Marjorie had obviously been a mistake.


Eric texted her later that day as she was getting out of the swim-meet.

The meet had been a catastrophe. Her times were slipping again but she allowed herself some leeway considering everything that was going on. He mind could hardly turn toward school or swimming or anything else ever since the test and the burning questions that Marjorie had brought up.


ERIC: Hey, sxy.

APRIL: You just abbreviated a 4-letter word with 3 LETTERS!

ERIC: sxy. sxy. sxy. sxysxysxysxysxy…

APRIL: …That’s GREAT, Eric.

ERIC: I like the way u make fun of me.

APRIL: That’s good news. Just out of the swim meet. Gotta shower, now.

ERIC: pix?

ERIC: hello?

ERIC: hello!!!


She let him squirm on the line as she stripped out of her lycra swimsuit and stepped into the girls shower with the rest of the team. The tile of the high school where they were swimming reeked of chlorine and fruity shampoos.

She lathered her hair and body as quickly as she could. But even as she did, she couldn’t help but notice a brunette from the other team staring at her. April rinsed her eyes out and peeked out of the corner of her eye. It wasn’t uncommon to find lesbians on swim-teams and it isn’t the first time that April had been checked out. But this stare seemed more like a glowering stare.

Finally, she wiped at her eyes and turned around, full-frontal view of the girl and looked right at her.

The brunette was still scowling as she turned around and finished her shower.

On the bus, April couldn’t help but ponder the way that the girl had stared. Distracting herself, she texted Eric back.


APRIL: My dress is yellow, btw. Thanks for asking.

ERIC: sxy. what abt ur panties?

APRIL: My PROM DRESS, smartass! So that you can get a corsage that matches.

ERIC: right! i got us a little honeymoon sweet that MATCHES… BOOYAH! how ya like me now?

APRIL: ??? A “suite”? FOR US?

ERIC: hells ya!!! well its a ‘delux room’.

APRIL: Let me guess, does this room rent by the hour?

ERIC: i didnt even ask.

APRIL: ERIC! You think that I’m so easy that I’ll fuck you all night on our first date!

ERIC: ya or til you pass out!

APRIL: Why didn’t you ask me first!

ERIC: cuz i didnt want to look like a pussy in front of my freinds.


ERIC: hello?


April leaned her head against the back of the seat. She gazed out of the school-bus window and thought, carefully. It wasn’t as if she hadn’t expected Eric to want to get it on. And it wasn’t like she was married to Bill McIntyre just because she had fucked him.


APRIL: Whatever. It’s your Prom, too.

ERIC: kool. u mad?

APRIL: No. It’s fine.

ERIC: r we gonna do it then?

APRIL: Play your cards right and we’ll see.


“Is everything alright, April?” Her swim-coach, Mz. Weisz, asked. She was a slender and wiry woman with salt-and-pepper hair trimmed close to her head. In April’s mind, Mz. Weisz was the quintessential lesbian woman. Butch-yet-attractive, pretty even without make-up and always curious about her girls and their needs. Some other girls on the team were made uncomfortable by her but April trusted her.

April looked up and shrugged.

“You know that you can tell me about anything, right?” Mz. Weisz said.

April smiled and answered, “Sure, I know that.”

Mz. Weisz smiled back, platonically. But her smile hid a deeply-buried level of concern.

“Is something wrong?” April asked.

“Nothing,” Mz. Weisz said. “It looks like you’re getting more water. Have you been drinking more?”

April shrugged, “I don’t really think about it.”

Mz. Weisz glanced at her phone, nosily. “New boyfriend? Prom date?”

April looked at her sidelong. “Yeah. Eric Welles. He’s on the Lacrosse team.”

“Cute!” the older woman beamed, though it was lame how half-hearted it came across. “You kids getting pretty serious?”

April squinted at her, “Listen, I think that you should just come out and say whatever is on your mind, Mz. Weisz?”

The older woman took in a deep breath and then leaned in and whispered “April, are you pregnant?”

April’s mouth fell open. Terrified, her breath caught in her throat.

“Just tell me ‘no’ and I won’t pry,” Mz. Weisz continued.

“No!” April lied.

“You’ve checked, though? Right?”

“Did…” April looked around to make sure no one else was listening and then whispered: “did someone say that I looked pregnant!

“Forget I said anything!” Mz. Weisz answered. “I’m tired, maybe. Don’t you worry about a thing, honey.”

But April couldn’t let it go. That hideous, brown-headed cunt in the shower had said something? How could she even tell! As far as April could tell, she wasn’t showing a baby-bump, but her breasts were achy and a little fuller in her bra than usual. So she was what? Glowing?

April wanted to laugh. But she couldn’t. Her situation was going to have to be hidden, right away. Then it occurred to her Eric’s prom night ‘suite’ might actually be a solution to her problems.

Her phone buzzed, again.


ERIC: i dream about being the guy pops your cherry.

APRIL: Well, I’d hate to disappoint you, but…

ERIC: really? marj told me u still had your v-card!


ERIC: back when i got ur number


April angrily switched contacts.


APRIL: Hey, Bimbo…


APRIL: You really need to learn to shut the fuck up about my life!

MARJORIE: =P — whatevs, bitch! U get me those dick-pics, yet?

ERIC: ….so…is that not true?

APRIL: Okay, it was true then but it’s not anymore. Is that a problem?

ERIC: you mean it was after i asked you to prom?


ERIC: oh.

APRIL: ??? Look! You’re not my boyfriend just because you asked me to Prom!!!

ERIC: ya i know.

APRIL: I have a life and you aren’t the only guy in the world.

APRIL: …hello? Earth to Eric!

ERIC: sorry. youre right. sorry i pryed into your business.

APRIL: Okay. So? Are we off for Prom, now?

ERIC: no. i still want to go with you.

APRIL: Okay, then. The “v-card” business doesn’t bother you?

ERIC: it makes it kinda better, actually.

APRIL: ROFL. Okay…whatever floats your boat, psycho.

ERIC: i am kinda psycho. i told you what i am into.

APRIL: Wait – like sex-wise?

ERIC: ya

APRIL: I’m sorry. I don’t remember.

ERIC: a min ago

APRIL: You said that you like it when I make fun of you. You meant in a sexy way?

ERIC: ya


ERIC: do u think im a perv?

APRIL: No. Just…give me some details.

ERIC: really!

APRIL: Of course. If we end up doing it, then I want it to be something you think is hot.

ERIC: wow r u sure u don’t want to be my gf?

APRIL: lol. Just give me more.

ERIC: can i send u a link to an example?

APRIL: Sure.

ERIC: dont judge k?

APRIL: I promise…


Bill McIntyre held April closely in his warm and charming embrace, swaying gently as he held her and played with her hair. He was so good. He hadn’t stared at her blankly or made her feel guilty or asked a bunch of asinine questions about why she wasn’t on the pill or why she didn’t make him pull out or wear a condom. It was all in the past, he seemed to say. April couldn’t help but be drawn into the kindness of his arms.

For a moment she was the only girl in the world. His girl. She indulged herself to lavish in the dream for just a warm and tender moment.

Finley giggled hysterically at the sight of his father holding the Babysitter that way. April smiled at the little boy.

“Funny Dada!” Finley called as he pointed at them.

“How long have you known?” Bill asked.

“A couple of weeks,” April answered, burying her nose into his muscular pecs. “Thanks for understanding,” she said.

“I knew the risks, too. What will you do?” he asked.

She looked up to him, “What do you think that I should do? It’s yours, too.”

Yours, she reprimanded herself. She was avoiding using the word “baby” as in ‘It’s your baby, too’.

He thought for a moment.

“I think that we can pull it off,” he said, soberly.

Her heart skipped a beat, “what’s that?” she asked.

His brow furrowed, “You can have the baby without anyone being any the wiser, of course!”

Her beat-skipping heart sank. She tried not to let it show but he caught on.

“April, I – I have a family,” he said.

“Of course!” April said, blowing off her own reaction. “I – I’m not going to ask you to give that up. Don’t be silly.”

“Well, you’ll need support,” he said. “I’ll get that taken care of.”

“Whoa!” She interjected. “Taken care of? What the hell does that mean?”

“You can’t have a baby on a babysitter’s wages,” he said. “And you can’t be showing up around here once you are showing, so we’ll need to get another babysitter.”

Her heart sank further. She was losing everything precious to her by the minute.

“All we need then is a story about who the father is,” he said. “So that you can explain it away on your end.”

Everything about this conversation rubbed April the wrong way. She understood the need for discretion but this seemed like carrying the lie for much longer than she had ever imagined having to. Suddenly, Marjorie’s idea from lunch was sounding better and better.

“What?” he asked.

“Nothing!” She said. “I may have thought of that, already. A boy asked me to Prom. His name is Eric. He’s cute and everything and popular but there’s no future with him. Even if he got me – you know – no one would blame me for not wanting him afterward. That gives me a few weeks to figure out what I can do after it’s born.”

It, she thought with disgust. Already, April wanted to say he. Silently, she tried it out: ‘After he is born’.

Bill’s mouth frowned, “Wow, that’s actually a really well-thought-out plan.”

“Well, that’s only if I were to go through it,” she said, her eyes suddenly filling with tears. “Fuck! Sorry. Hormones, I guess.”

“Is that what you want?” Bill said, holding her by the small of her back and stroking along her spine with his thumb.

“I don’t know!” she despaired as she dug a Kleenex from her purse. “I mean: I always thought that I could do the other thing if I had to,” she confessed through her tears. “But when I think of it as yours – as ours…I don’t think that I could bring myself to it.”

He held her again. “We’ll figure something out,” he whispered. “Something will work out. You’ll see.”

“Are you sure?” she asked.

“I’m sure,” he reassured her. “Trust me. I’m going to take care of you if you’ll let me.”

She buried her face against him and sobbed gently as he hushed her tears away. For a moment, she really and truly believed he could do it. That he would do it. For a moment, she took courage.


Eric called that night while April laid in her bed, thinking about Bill. After a couple of rings, she thought she might as well keep up appearances about being with Eric since he was now part of her plan to protect Bill. Reluctantly, she opened her phone and answered with a smile.

“Hey!” She said.

“Hey,” he said back. Then there was a long and awkward silence on the other end.

“Hello?” April asked.

“I’m here,” he said. “I’m trying out talking without say something dumb.”

April laughed out loud, “I like that.”

“I’m not a great speller,” he suddenly confessed.

“That’s okay,” she reassured him warmly. “It’s good to hear your voice. You should call more often.”


“Mmmm. Girls like that.”

“Yeah. Cool.” Even in the awkward pause, she could feel him beaming with pride. “I don’t have my ‘V-card’, either.” he confessed.

She moaned, “Please! Please, please, please never use that bullshit term, again!”

“Dammit!” he laughed. “How should I say it? ‘I’m not a virgin, either’?”

“Yes,” she insisted. “That is exactly how you should have said that.”

“Sweet! I can be taught!” he laughed in a charming way that made her giggle and even blush a little.

“You’ve got a great laugh, Eric,” she said. “Use that more often.”

“Did it get you horny?” he asked.

No,” she said firmly. “But I like it, all the same.”

“Cool-cool. Speaking of getting horny…” he led off with a trailing tone.

She rolled her eyes: “Yes?”

“Did you look at that stuff that I sent?” he said quietly, like a spy speaking in code.

She had. Some of it were videos on free porn sites that she could only bear to watch a couple short minutes of. But then there were scripts and stories on smutty literature sites that she had never heard of and an instructional video from a girl on YouTube who was a phone sex operator.

As shocked as she had been at first, by the end of her research, she thought that maybe she could find the fun of it. Maybe even enjoy herself in a way.

She had gone back later and watched the videos all the way through until she felt confident that she got the thrust of it.

“Uh-huh,” she flirted. “It was…educational.”

Educational,” he mimicked playfully.

“Mmm-hmmm! I thought it was pretty surprising, actually. You’re such a confident guy. I’m curious how you got into being humiliated?”

There was an awkward pause at the other end.

“Take your time,” she whispered, “I’m here. Just curious.”

After a pondering moment, he spoke softly: “I – ummm – I kinda always thought I was little on the – uh – small side? Ya know?”

April bit her lip. This conversation really was personal. “Okay,” she said. “Keep going.”

“And I guess, spending a lot of time in the locker room, I started to notice the difference from the other guys?”

“Okay,” she said encouragingly.

“And I started looking up like what was normal, right?”

“Sure. Why wouldn’t you?”

“And I found a lot of bullshit about ‘girls don’t really care’ and ‘size of the boat vs. motion of the ocean’ yada-yada-yada…”


“But none of that stuff made sense to me. Guys always talk about it like it makes you…”

“…more of a man?” she suggested.

“Right,” he said. There sounded like there was more, but he stayed quiet.

“Guys are assholes, Eric,” she said in her kindest, gentlest tone possible. “I’d hate to break it to you, but girls really don’t care as much as you guys think that we do.”

“But you must care some,” he said.

“Of course,” she answered. “I mean you need enough to get the job done!” she laughed softly.

He laughed a lot louder and more awkwardly than she had.

“How often do you think about this, Eric?” she asked, curiously.

“Every day. All day, everyday,” he confessed without stopping to think about it.

“That’s not right,” she answered. “You shouldn’t obsess that much about it, Eric. If girls made fun of each others’ boobs like you guys poke fun at each others’ dicks, we’d probably all jump off a bridge.”

He laughed.

“Seriously!” she said. “But it’s different because sometimes we poke fun at girls with BIG knockers and not because we’re jealous. Jealous of back problems and never being taken seriously about anything? No, thank you!”

“Right,” he said, distractedly.

“So, do you get off on this stuff?” she asked.

“Well – what – what do you mean?” he asked.

“Do you jack off while you’re watching women humiliating guys?” she put it bluntly.

She could hear him breathing heavier on the other end of the line.

“Do you cum when the guy cums?” she asked. “Or can you even make it that far?”

His breathing accelerated.

“Are you – doing it now?” she asked. She knew by his silence what her answer was. “Did you call me with your dick out already? Did you have to take your pants off to get to it? Eric?”

“Yes?” he asked with a heavy breath.

“Do you know that Marjorie wants me to get a picture of your dick?” she asked.

“Really?” He asked, no longer disguising the audible evidence of his self-loving.

“Hold on,” she said. She opened her text messages and screen-shot her earlier text conversation with Marjorie.


MARJORIE: Heads up! Gave Hottie your number. Lucky bitch!

APRIL: What Hottie?

MARJORIE: Oh, Whatever!

APRIL: Hey, Bimbo.

MARJORIE: Yes, Bitch?


MARJORIE: LOL! get a picture of his dick =P


April dropped the screenshot into a text to Eric and sent it. She could hear the chime on the other end of the line.

“Oh, fuck!” he said but with shameful delight.

“I think she’s got some kind of pool running,” April flirted. “A girl could make a quick buck, don’t you think?

She heard him groan with shameful pleasure.

“Of course,” April continued seductively, “Apparently, I wouldn’t be the only girl to know the truth, right? Guys on the lacrosse team who have stolen a peek in the shower would know? My friend Becky dates Jack Thompson. I’ll bet she could milk the truth out of his giant schlong?”

“Yes,” he said, his voice quivering.

“Have you seen Jack Thompson in the locker room, Eric?” she asked. “I heard she measured him at eight inches? Is that right? That’s smaller than guys I’ve been with but I suppose it can get the job done. I’ve heard even a guy measuring at six or seven inches can get it done, though I think you’d have to get a girl really hot to get her pussy to tighten up for that. I guess that you little guys have to learn to be good with your mouth, right? If I asked Becky, do you think Jack would tell her your little secret? Or do you only look in the locker room and then duck out and shower at home? Eric?”

“Yeah?” she heard him ask.

“You’re not saying anything,” she teased.

“Jack’s is – pretty big,” he whispered.

“Bigger than most of the other guys?” she asked.

“No,” he confessed.

“Then is he big? Or are you just a little – tiny – bit – pathetic?”

“Oh, God!” he whispered.

“Hey! Are you going to send a girl a pic? or am I really going to have to be surprised on Friday night?”

There was a familiar camera click.

“Mmmmm…Something tells me I’m about to win the pool,” she mocked.

The picture came in. It was a nice-looking dick but the tight abs above it in the picture were turning her on, much more. The shape was about like she had always seen. It looked to be about normal as far as she could tell. He certainly was no Bill! But she could hardly fault a guy for that.

She laughed, playing to his fantasy. “Wow! I wonder if it’s too late to get another date for Friday.”

“Shit…” he whispered.

“Hey, pencil-dick, did the girl who generously took your virginity laugh when she saw it?”

“No,” he said.

“Guess I’m either a bitch or she’s just a sweetheart then, huh? Which is it, Eric?”

“You’re not a bitch,” he said.

“Then what?”

“She was just – too nice…”

She could hear in his breath that he was stroking fast and hard. The metal of his belt buckle clanged loudly.

“Yeah, you’re beating it , aren’t you, Shrimpie? You like it when a pretty girl tells you that’s the only way you’ll ever get to cum, again.”

She paused for a moment, listening to the sounds of his self-loving. Then she whispered in a mousy baby-talk voice, “Oooooo – can it really cum? Does – baby’s – itty – bitty – widdle – dicklet – cum?”

“Fuck!” he growled. “Agh! Errgggh!”

April laughed genuinely. It was the most amusing thing she had ever participated in. Suddenly donning her real voice, she said “Seriously dude, you’re already cumming? That’s awesome. I think that this going to be a blast, after all.”

“Thank you,” he panted. “God, thank you, April.”

“You’re welcome, Shrimpie,” she said. “Just don’t decide all of a sudden that I’m too big a bitch to take to Prom.”

“No! I promise!” He swore.

“Good,” she said. “Cuz I’m still not sure if you’re too big a bitch to take with me!” She barely heard him start to groan again as she abruptly hung up.

In spite of an icky feeling in the pit of her stomach, April smiled. She couldn’t help but realize that she had actually had a lot of fun.


BILL: hey.


BILL: What class are you in?

APRIL: ???

BILL: Can you be excused?

APRIL: I’m in AP Chem. I’ve already passed it so I can leave anytime. Why?

BILL: Because I look kind of pervy sitting in a high school parking lot by myself.

APRIL: !!!


A few minutes later, April climbed into the Escalade.

“What are you doing!” she screamed with a smile as she threw her arms around his neck and kissed him.

“Surprised?” he said with a smile.

“Uh, yeah!”

“I thought I could take you to lunch,” he said.

“It’s 10:30 in the morning,” she beamed at him, curiously.

He shrugged, “or maybe I have something planned.”


“You must be so proud,” the woman at the dress shop said.

“Of course,” Bill said with a wide smile that made April blush. “Her mother and I are mostly glad she found the right dress.”

The shop-woman bubbled enthusiasm as she returned his American Express card and printed a receipt.

“What about shoes?” He asked.

“I have shoes,” April interjected. “Well, I have some that will work.”

“The shoes that come with the dress are $25 to rent,” the shopwoman said with a condescending smile as she eyed Bill’s Rolex.

“How much to buy them?” he asked.

“Don’t,” April warned him. “I’m only going to wear it once.”

“How much to buy dress and shoes?” he asked. “And have the dress fitted nicely in time for Friday?”

“I would have to look!” the woman stammered. “It is our busiest season, you know!”

He smiled as he handed the AmEx back to her, “I’d consider it a personal favor.”

April turned up to his face and said “Mom’s such a prude about how much cleavage the dress shows,” she teased.

His eyebrow shot up, “I’m sure you know what you’re doing.”

“I think it’s pretty, Daddy,” she whimpered. “Are you going to make me try it on for you?”

He smiled, “Mom wouldn’t have it any other way, I’m sure.”


The dressing room was surprisingly spacious, though somewhat spartan for a high-end dressmaker.

“Take your time!” said the shopwoman. “Call me as soon as there is something you need!” Then she closed the partial-door behind her.

Only friction kept the spring-loaded latch in place, and yet as soon as it was closed, April was all over him, kissing his lips and feeling the growing bulge in his pants.

A tall three-way mirror fit one corner of the stall, in front of it was a crude bench that April pushed him onto until he was sitting.

April stripped down to a black, lacy bra was fringed with delicate lace at the top.

“Cute underthings,” he whispered, quoting her from before.

She giggled as she continued to undress. Her G-string panties matched, perfectly, the lacy bits just big enough to cover little blonde bush and dipping neatly to where her toned abs scooped underneath to her pussy.

She unsnapped the bra and let it fall to the floor. Her breasts were cold in the air and the nipples hardening before his eyes. Sh e couldn’t resist the urge to rub them slightly and warm them up. She shed her panties onto the floor.

“Is that how you’re going to wear the dress at the dance?” he laughed.

She nodded. “This is how all the girls will be wearing their dresses, Daddy. No panty lines.”

He shook his head, “Don’t need that image knocking around in there.”

She smiled as she pulled the dress overhead. It was snug in all the right places and ample at the breast. Technically, it could fit her bust a little better but April though it looked plenty good enough. Of course, now that he was having it altered, it would be perfect.

Bill’s jaw dropped.

April spun around, twirling the skirt of the dress where he could see every angle in the mirror.

“Amazing,” he blubbered like a lovesick boy.

She giggled, “You like?”

For once, the man was actually speechless. It was adorable. She stepped forward in her prom dress and sneakers and kneeled before him.

“Sit back,” April whispered. “Put your hands behind your back.

He complied.

April unbuckled his belt and unzipped his slacks. She worked his hunky cock free through the cock-hole in his boxer-shorts, every thick inch of it struggling as it was worked out of its fabric prison.

April bent over and kissed the head, slick and flavorful. Immediately, she felt one of his big hands on her head, interlacing his fingers in her golden hair. She touched his wrist, warning him to not force it but also not pushing his hand away.

April looked sweetly up at him as she slid the wide flat of her tongue along his shaft, licking moisture from his hot tip. She ringed around the base as best as she could with her fingers. With her hand she spread her own wetness over his length, squeezing his cock as she smiled tenderly at him.

“Was your prom date as pretty as me?” She asked.

He shook his head as he gazed at himself from three angles in the mirror, a pretty girl worshipping his cock on her knees, “I can hardly remember that far back, sweetheart.”

April licked his tip again as she ran her thumb up the long, rigid stock. His breath came in shallow huffs as she milked him, squeezing and toying with his manhood.

April helped him to lower his boxers until all of his equipment was accessible to her. She parted her lips and took his dick as deeply into her mouth as she could.

Bill’s lungs inhaled sharply with pleasure as she sank over his lap, bobbing her head inch by inch as she devoured his knob. Her breathing quickened and she gagged as she bravely tried to take his whole length.

Bill enjoyed her pretty mouth with intense worry, constantly looking to the door and back down to her before braving a look at what he looked like in the mirror.

Finally, April surfaced for air.

“Mmmmm,” she grinned at him, tasting his precum all the way down her throat. “You like that, Mr. McIntyre?” she whispered. “You like the babysitter sucking you off? Does my mouth feel as hot and as tight as – my – virgin – pussy?”

She gave a gentle suck to just his head as she worked the base with her hands. Her mouth began to take the shape of him as she bobbed down again and again, driving him mad with intense pleasure.

He was breathing heavily and the strong muscles in his legs flexed as he tried to squirm. She put her hand on his thighs to calm him and bobbed up and down and up and down, stuffing pleasure down his shaft and into his balls, which tightened as his climax approached.

“Baby! C’mon!” Bill sputtered as quietly as he could.

April cupped his balls in her long, soft fingers. Suddenly, they were not as intimidating as they had once been – those life-giving orbs that had filled her with his offspring. She cherished them, the soft skin of his hairy sack in her hands. They tightened to her touch.

Suddenly his cock sprang to life with a renewed hardness that threatened to stretch down her throat. She tried her best to relax her mouth and throat and breathe through her nose and just let it come. The head swelled inside of her, driving her to wonder if it did that inside her cunt weeks before. There was a wild eroticism to the animal character of his penis as he bit his lip and raised his fists, trying hard not to grab her hair and impale himself dangerously deep into her.

Then it happened. April felt a warm, creamy floodgate open like sucking on the end of a garden hose that had abruptly been unkinked. His warm semen coursed into her mouth and slide down her throat.

“Mmmmmmmm” she hummed onto his member as he came harder. Another thick spurt released into her mouth as she tried in vain to swallow. Some of it started to dribble from the corners of her mouth as he came hard and harder, his face red and his fists vainly pumping the bench.

Fuuuuuuuck! Bill mouthed widely, still trying to avoid drawing attention from the shopwoman who could interrupt their love-fest at any moment.

April closed her mouth and grinned at him as she rolled every bitter-sweet droplet of his love across her tongue and swallowed it. She smiled once more and winked at him as he slumped against the wall of the stall.

“Thank you for that,” he whispered.

“Thank you for the dress,” she beamed as she interlaced her bare arms over his bare lap and gazed up at him, adoringly.

In the Escalade – both of them cleaned up and presentable, again – Bill took the AmEx card that he had used for the dress and handed it to April.

“Not a word,” he warned her.

April hadn’t even realized that she had already opened her mouth to protest.

“This is my baby, too,” he said.

Those words warmed her heart until she thought it could burst with joy. She took the card and slipped it into her purse.


Prom sucked. Mostly because Eric was such an asshole the whole time but also the music was canned, the decorations were half-assed, the photographer was rude and disinterested and the punch was watered down at first with melted ice and then soon with vodka. Everyone seemed to be drinking from flasks or spiked cups except for April, who was mostly just nervous about pulling off her plot without hurting Eric.

“Will you lighten up!” Marjorie softly elbowed April in the ribs.

April rolled her eyes and looked away.

“It’s a party and you’re going to get good and fucked later! My holy god! You’er not in line for Sainthood, bitch.” Marjorie said, taking a greedy gulp of her cup of watery Kool-Aid, which was more diluted with vodka than with water. She had caught April dancing by herself in a crowd of people dancing together.

“Where’s your cover-story date?” Marjorie asked.

“Shut the fuck up,” April warned her with a manicured fingernail. “You’re drunk and we’re not alone.”

Marjorie cheered at the top of her lungs with her arms in the air like a typical underage drunk. “Your baby is your problem, bitch!” she called out.

April’s eyes narrowed on her bitchy friend. “You wanna know something, Marjorie?” April shot at her. “If we were all sluts, there wouldn’t be enough cock left in the world for girls like you to sort out your Daddy issues.”

Marjorie’s mouth dropped open. “Whoa! I didn’t get knocked up by some fucking leathery, old ‘pedo’ so you tell me who the slut is, Miss Priss!”

April slapped Marjorie hard enough to leave a hand-print.

It stunned the liquor and the sass right out of the deceitful cunt as April walked away with her head held high. She found Eric bragging to his friends about her tits as he drank heavily.

“There they are now!” cheered Marjorie’s date, Geoff.

April smirked and said, “your bitchy date’s gonna be sucking face with the floor any minute now,” she warned Geoff.

“Meh!” he huffed. “Let her get her practice for later!”

Eric high-fived him and they grunted and held each other up as they laughed themselves hysterical like old drinking buddies.

April turned to her date. “If you want to see these, tonight,” she announced, “we are going, now.”

“Woman!” Eric pointed at her, nearly losing his balance.

April put her hands on her bossy hips and stabbed with a dangerous glare. She menacingly mouthed “…Shrimpie…

“N-n-never mind,” Eric drunk-stammered. He was still sober enough to see a warning that was made so clear.


Giving Eric the benefit of a doubt, April decided that the room that he got was the best that the Super8 could field. Amenities included a loudly-buzzing soda machine across the hall, dark tongue-and-groove paneling on every wall, a winking flourescent ceiling light and a 720p Plasma TV with an HD Antenna that got 4 PBS channels but no porn or HBO.

Suddenly she missed the dress shop changing room.

“All night!” Eric hollered as he collapsed onto the bed.

April tossed her backpack into the corner. She couldn’t help but notice that her date had not brought anything that didn’t fit in his cheap tuxedo’s pockets. She rolled her eyes.

“Oooo, baby,” she mocked him.


“Alright, sit up,” April instructed, removing a roll of duct tape from her purse.

Eric’s eyes popped open. “Sweet Jesus!”

April smiled. “Sit up,” she ordered, again.

He obeyed and put his wrists out toward her. She rolled her eyes and climbed onto the bed, pulling his arms behind him. She faced his knuckles into one another and then taped them together: first the wrists, then the hands at the knuckles.

“When you’re with your friends,” she began. “You can play the big man. But you’re with me now. And we both know what that means, don’t we?”

“What?” her prom date asked, flinching as the tape adhered to his skin and tightened with every pass.

April grabbed the back of his hair and jerked it back: “What a pathetic, childish excuse for a shrimp-dick little boy you really are.”

She grabbed his bow-tie and pulled it loose. Then she unbuttoned his shirt while he gazed lovingly at her.

“Are you getting naked?” he asked.

April squeezed his face. “Did I tell you to speak, pet?” He smiled at the word pet. April knew that called for a punishment. She tore off a piece of duct tape and sealed it over his lips.

“I’m the one doing you a favor, here, needle-dick!”

“Your friends must laugh their asses off as soon as you are out of the shower,” she whispered. His abs suddenly flexed as he edged closer and closer to orgasm. “Don’t cum yet, my pet,” she whispered in his ear.

A tear formed at the corner of his eye as he fought the urge to release. She jacked him off harder. And faster. And faster.

Eric’s eyes bugged and he screamed into her palm as his cock became as hard as rock. This time, she stroked harder. He roared harder into her hand.

“That’s it, little guy,” she said. “Show me what a pathetic weasel you are. You’re going to learn to last for Momma. What’s that face? Don’t you cum! Don’t you fucking cum!”

All of his big, strong muscles convulsed as she choked the base of his cock and ropes of hot cum shot out of his dicklet. She released his mouth and started to catch the semen as his orgasm ruined.

“Wow, little boy! Three whole minutes? Got to be a world record for a wuss.” She pounded his meat harder and harder though he squirmed to break free.

“Ah!” He exclaimed at first in pleasure and then again in strain and again in desperation as he wriggled to get away from her merciless hands.

“No, no,” she insisted, beating him off. “Little weasel needs all of his dessert. Give it to Momma.” She slapped his rigid and sweaty abs hard. “C’mon! Give it over, baby boy!”

Tears formed in his eyes. “Please!” he cried “Oh God!”

Se squeezed his little head tightly inside the ring of her fingers.

“Did I tell you to cum?” she asked.

“No,” he squeaked.

Releasing his cock, she grabbed him hard by the scruff of his neck and pulled him close to her breasts where she presented him with his own sticky, creamy semen. “Then you know what happens. Open up for Mama or I jack you off some more.”

His mouth opened. She dribbled his cum into it. It kind of turned her on, having so much power over a boy as popular and as strong as Eric. She smiled at him as he tasted himself.

“Swallow,” she instructed.

His mouth closed and his brow cringed as he obeyed.

“Good pet,” she patted him on the head. “Now rest up. You’re gonna get some pussy for real in half an hour.”

He dropped, mostly naked and sweaty and gross onto the coarse motel bedspread. April used a pair of scissors to un-tape his wrists and lay snuggled into the crux of his arm.

As he drifted off to sleep, he mumbled “Please – be my girl…”

She smiled and only whispered: “Hush now, my pet. Sleep. Rest up so that you can fuck me for real.”

In the night, she stared up at the ceiling and thought of Bill and his strong arms, his loving smile, his understanding face as she told him her secret.


“So, here it is:” she had said, “I – I’m pregnant. First time lucky.”

He had wrapped her in his arms and become not just the father of her baby but her conspirator. It wasn’t her secret anymore. It was their secret. Now Eric was a part of it, unwittingly. A tinge of guilt stabbed at her heart that said that poor Eric’s reputation shouldn’t suffer to spare Bill’s. But she saw no other way that didn’t compromise little Sammy and Finley’s futures. And besides, it should amount to nothing more than bragging rights for Eric. All the same, it felt wrong.


She got up at 2:34 am to pee. When she returned, Eric was sawing logs so loudly that it shook the window panes of the cheap motel. She checked her phone. It had blown up with messages from her Mom.


MOM: Whatever is going on, I love you. Nothing changes that I love you.

MOM: I hope youre having so much fun!

MOM: Pls dont drive anywhere.

MOM: Txt me for a ride if you need 1. I’ll keep my shoes nearby.

MOM: Goodnight. I am locking the door. Do u have your key?

MOM: I hope so.

MOM: Please check in with me real quick? At any hour. Just so I know youre ok.


A tear tugged at April’s eye.


APRIL: You sweetheart!

APRIL: I am fine, Mama.

MOM: Thank God.

APRIL: You’ve waited up all night? You poor, sweet, tired Mama.

MOM: One day you’ll understand.

MOM: When you have a baby of your own.


Now tears from both eyes.


APRIL: I love you. I’m sorry about everything.

MOM: You’ve done nothing wrong.

MOM: I just want you to think of your future.

MOM: Don’t wind up like your Mom.

APRIL: You’re the best, Mom!

MOM: I love you, baby.

APRIL: I love you, Mama.

MOM: I’m so proud of you.

APRIL: =..) That means so much!

MOM: Goodnight, baby-girl.

APRIL: Goodnight, Mama.


She shed the canary dress. She wasn’t wearing underwear, since she really couldn’t in that dress. In the dark mirror, she touched her tummy. Only 9 weeks now and already she looked the same yet she was entirely different. Soon, this charade would be noticeable and the lies would mature and everything would change.


In the morning, she woke up naked in Eric’s arms. He was beaming down at her.

“Hi,” She smiled.

“Hi,” he said with stinky morning breath.

“You need to hurl yet?” she said.

He shook his head, “ my head’s fucking killin’ me but I’ll keep it down, I think.”

She smiled as she winked one eye closed in a stink-face gesture: “Please, tell me you brought a toothbrush.”

He shook his head.

“Don’t know why I asked,” she snuggled into his chest. At least he wore good deodorant that was still going strong.

“Did” he asked, “Did we…I mean after…?”

She smiled, “yeah.”

“How – uh – how was it?”

She played with his bare chest absent-mindedly, summoning her best impression of a bimbo: “It blew your fucking mind!”

“And you?” He asked.

She shrugged, “the dance was nice.”

He groaned. She softly punched his stomach. “You did fine,” she said.

“Really?” he asked.

“Yeah, but I’ve got to get home and change for work. So, this is all the afterglow there is for us.”

“That asshole makes you work TODAY?” he asked. “What about our post-sex dip in the pool?”

She got up and walked to a bag stashed in the corner. Last night, Eric was so smashed he had hardly noticed that she brought it with her.

“Not even a shower?” he begged as she slipped on some black Vistoria’s Secret lacy panties and a bra.

“Duty calls,” she answered, plainly. She finished dressing as he watched. She stepped into a ruffled Calvin Klein denim miniskirt and a black t-shirt with a sky-blue cardigan.

“C’mon, at least let me drive you home!” He protested.

“You need to sleep before you do anything else, little guy,” she capped off her look with black flats, an ornate red/white filligree silk scarf and matching red Ray-Ban’s. After a quick make-up fix and a glance at her outfit, she turned to say good-bye.

His pitiful disappointment dripped mournfully from his chin.

Sticking out her pouty lip, she approached the bed flopped down next to him.

“We both know what this is, baby,” she said. “Let’s not make a thing of it. We had fun – well, you had fun – and it was nice. Now it’s time to move on. And for both our reputations’ sake – last night you rocked my fucking world. K?”

He touched her hair and let out a sigh. “Did I, now?” he said.

“Yeah, baby,” she lied as she stuck her tongue out. “I felt the earth move!”

He laughed: “Liar. I wish I could remember, anyway.”

“Eric?” she asked.


“Do you really want to know the truth about your cock? I mean: really?”

He nodded.

She kissed his soft lips, still a little mesmerized by how smooth and silky they were.

“It is a little on the small side,” she whispered. “But it really isn’t bad-looking. Get good with your tongue and your fingers. Hell, up until a few weeks ago, fingers and vibes were all I had to get off on.”

She smiled: “Trust me: you’ll be a terrific lover one day and you really need to stop discounting all the good stuff you’ve got going for you. On that day, any girl would be lucky to have you.”

He smiled back at her with dreamy eyes and confessed: “I like you.”

She leaned in, closely and flirtatiously, she traced down his washboard abs with her fingertips until she found his junk, then his nuts. Just before his lips touched hers and his sloppy tongue was about to invade, she grabbed and squeezed.

“Fuu-uu-uu-” he stammered.

“That day’s not today, Shrimpie,” she teased. “And next time, bring a condom.”

His eyes flew wide open “I didn’t use the condoms?”

“Wait. You brought condoms? Plural?” she asked. “Boy, you were ambitious.”

“How drunk was I! Are you on the pill?” he asked.

She shrugged, “Everything will be fine, I’m sure.”

“Because if – if you were…you know that I…” he stuttered.

She put a finger to his lips: “Don’t worry, little boy.

She kissed his nose and stood to gather her dress and the last of her things.

At the door, she smiled at him, “Thank you, Eric. I had a great time. Well, I mean: you know...” She wagged her fingers in the air in a ‘so-so’ gesture.

She giggled silently as she walked away. Even over the obnoxious buzz of the vending machine, she could hear him laughing giddily all the way down the hall.

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