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The Sitter’s Baby I.2 – The Birthday Girl loses control and loses something more.

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Chapter 2


November came and went and Marina’s candidate lost the election to the Democratic incumbent. The McIntyre’s didn’t ask April over to watch the boys after the campaign office was closed down and so she was broke most of the winter as she finished her exams at school.

Her grades were good and her social life was more active without the loss of the McIntyre’s steady babysitting money left her poorer with fewer babysitting offers coming her way.

On the upbeat: Eric Welles had finally taken an interest in her after all of the hints that she had dropped him. She was tempted to not even care that he was a dumb jock because he was gorgeous. Icy blue eyes under thick, mysteriously intense eyebrows and a wide, toothy grin complimented by a mountain of huge, toned, cable-like muscles. After she had got a good look at him shirtless at the car wash to raise funds for the school production of Picnic, she was convinced that it was just a crime to ever cover that Adonis body under his baggy lacrosse jersey.

And she wasn’t the only one who had noticed. The first week back to school in the Spring semester, her girl Marjorie texted her.

MARJORIE: Hey, Bitch.

APRIL: Hey, Bimbo. 😉

MARJORIE: Heads up! Gave Hottie your number. Lucky bitch!

APRIL: What Hottie?

MARJORIE: Oh, Whatever!

[TEXT]: Hey, r u April?

APRIL: Depends on who is asking?

[TEXT]: Eric

APRIL: “Eric” Who?

[TEXT]: c’mon! u know.

APRIL: I know a lot of Eric’s.

[TEXT]: the good-looking one.

APRIL: Mmmmmm. Eric Bailey?


APRIL: No? You said “the good-looking one”!


She entered his name into her contacts as “Eric Welles”.


ERIC: c’mon, hes short and has acne!

APRIL: But he has nice eyes. Dreamy.

ERIC: HEY wut abt my eyes?

APRIL: I don’t know who you are!

ERIC: Eric from geo II.

APRIL: Oh! Eric W???

ERIC: ya!

APRIL: Why didn’t you just say so?

ERIC: lol i like u

APRIL: Why is that?

ERIC: u r hawt

APRIL: Gee, thanks. Anything else about me?

ERIC: ur bff Marjorie says u got hots 4 me 2.

APRIL: Hey, Bimbo.

MARJORIE: Yes, Bitch?


MARJORIE: LOL! get a picture of his dick =P

ERIC: Hello?


ERIC: Do u like me?

APRIL: You’re alright.

ERIC: “alright”!!!

APRIL: You have a nice smile.

ERIC: & good body?!?

APRIL: You have very nice arms. That’s all that I will say until I have been complimented some more. 😛

ERIC: k i got practice. txt u l8er?

APRIL: It’s a free country.

ERIC: yah. u like me. =D

APRIL: …“You’re alright.” lol


Every once in a while, she tolerated the brats that belonged to people in her building and would long to spend a day of tossling little Finley’s hair and tickling Sammy until he gasped for air and begged for it again. She missed the fittings of the McIntyre’s bathrooms or their state-of-the-art Kitchen. But mostly she missed those boys.

My boys, she thought.

And she thought of the McIntyres’ shower. She tried not to think about Master Bath shampoo or how she had played in there, dreaming of how tall Mr. McIntyre was and how his deep voice seem to make a sound that made her insides tremble…


Just a few days after her eighteenth birthday, April’s phone rang with “McIntyre” on the caller ID.

“April, it’s Marina McIntyre.” came a familiar voice.

“Of course!” April answered. “How – uh – how can I help you?”

“Oh my God!” Mrs. McIntyre complained. “We are in a bind! Tell me that you are available, tomorrow! I’ll pay you extra.”

April didn’t hesitate: “That won’t be necessary! I have nothing tomorrow,” she lied. “Are we thinking the usual time?”

“My heavens, April. You are a life-saver!” Marina groaned.

She smiled a guilty smile into the phone, “Oh…You know me! I love to help!”

She cancelled plans with Marjorie to go shopping for a birthday present and went to Lincoln Park to be with her boys, instead.


Finley climbed all over her, ecstatic to have her back in his life. She giggled and tickled him as Mr. McIntyre’s voice bounded down the stairs that led to his office.

Sammy kept his distance for the first couple of hours, still feeling jilted from the separation anxiety of not seeing her for two months. But before long, he was participating in the rough-housing, too. April had no concerns about flailing limbs or getting dirty as she got on the floor and wrestled both of them until they had her pinned down with her arms to the floor.

“Uncle!” she cried gleefully. Sammy straddled her stomach and mercilessly tickled her. “No!” she cried out loudly until she squealed out again:“Uncle! Uncle!”

“What are you boys doing to that poor girl?” came Mr. McIntyre’s voice. He stood on the bottom stair-step, large as life and more handsome than she remembered. In his hand, he held a goblet with barely a couple of drops of red wine left in it.

The boys released her. She smiled at Mr. McIntyre. She wore a sky-blue version of the beanie that he liked. She could see that he noticed as he checked her out.

“We were just having some horseplay, weren’t we, little man?” she tackled Finley and tickled him. Sammy started tickling her and they were back to wrestling.

Bill smiled at her and went to the Kitchen. There, she heard him pour another glass.

Playing with the boys had tuckered April out as much as it had done them. After she put them into bed and had kissed their little foreheads, they drifted off to sleep.

She came out down the hall to the living room and spied on Bill nursing a third glass of wine and watching My Darling Clementine on TV.

“A Westerns kind of guy, huh?” She asked as she came around and dropped down on the modern sectional.

His head bobbled in her direction and he looked at her with a dreamy-headed and adoring smile. He lingered there, his movie all but forgotten.

“What?” she asked with a smile.

He gazed dreamily at her.

“What!” she asked again with a shy smile.

He shook his head and said nothing. He set his feet up on the ottoman and draped one of his massive gorilla-arms over the back of the couch.

She smiled, flirtatiously, “you really do think that I’m your girlfriend! Don’t you, old man?”

He smiled back and took another sip of wine, “maybe.”

Her face betrayed her. She told it to play along, to grin and be sassy and coy. Instead, her facade melted and her jaw fell in shock.

“You thought that I didn’t notice,” he whispered, “about the shampoo?”

She blushed.

“Did your pillow smell like me all night?” he toyed with her. “Or all week? Did it still smell like me on the night of your eighteenth birthday?”

“Mr. McIntyre!” she exclaimed. “What are you saying to me, right now?” She sat in trepidatious silence as he set his wine on the coffee table and slouched back, drunk and happy.

Get over here,” he whispered, seductively.

Her legs wouldn’t move. “Why?” she asked.

Because you want to,” he said. “And because I want you to. And because this might be our only chance before Marina gets home.”

She stood. She wasn’t sure how but she knew that he was right on the why. This confidence on him was magnetic. She sat next to him and put her feet next to his on the ottoman. She snuggled into his shoulder and inhaled his cologne, the scent thick with dark, manly notes that made her comfortable and nervous at the same time.

“Is this what you meant?” she whispered to his muscular chest.

“Mmmmm,” his voice answered, grumbling in the barrel of his wide torso. “I meant what you wanted me to mean.”

She turned her head and tilted her chin toward his face. He gazed down into her eyes.

Mustering up her courage, she quietly confessed: “I’m afraid of what I want you to mean.”

He kissed her hungrily. She kissed him back, savoring his flavor as her fingertips touched his strong jaw, tracing the gentle prickle of his six o’clock shadow. She traced face to his soft hair as he tasted her soft lips and she parted them slightly for him.

“And you’ve hardly kissed boys your own age,” he grinned with a gentle mockery.

“Shut up and kiss me,” she whispered.

He laid her down on the couch as he climbed on top of her, dividing her knees to either side of his ribs. His breath was sweet with wine as she took him between her legs, suddenly aware of how little fabric separated them between his shirt and her blue jeans and soaked panties. She felt so vulnerable and yet wanted to feel more. He kissed her. She had never tasted red wine before but decided that if it tasted anything like his lips, she would enjoy it from then on.

“Oh, god,” she whispered in his ear as he pressed his lips into the soft, virgin skin of her neck. “Oh my God!” she repeated, breathing faster. His hand drifted along her ribcage to her breast. He kissed the exposed skin above her the collar of her top. He squeezed her breast, her bra’s foam cup crumpling in his grasp and her tender, stiffening nipple surfacing against the fabric of her top.

The sound of Marina’s key biting into the lock of the front door jolted April off the couch faster than Bill could right himself. He fell over, groaning into the soft space of the cushion that she had magically left vacant.

April darted into the Kitchen and hid at the sink full of dishes, furiously and loudly scrubbing at the boys’ organic pizza dried to their plates. She could only just make out a few sounds from the living room as Marina came in, sighed at her husband and then went upstairs without a word.

April scrubbed at the dishes with a guilty fervor. Her cheeks blushed with shame as her hands scrubbed dish by dish until she was polishing the bottom of the sink.

From behind her, his massive hands slid around her waist and she froze.

“Stop it,” she scolded quietly-but-firmly.

His tight embrace was warm and she could not resist resting the back of her head against his soft, muscular chest.

“You’re an adult now,” he whispered in her ear. The feel of his warm, sweet breath on her ear made her knees weak. She hated how easily he could make her body react to his touch, his words, his deep voice.

She felt her pussy moistening as his strong arms abruptly turned her by her hips. He picked her up and set her on the sink. She resisted the girly impulse to let out a startled squeal. The sudsy dishwater that had splashed in the sink instantly soaked through her blue jeans and all the way through her panties to her bum.

“That doesn’t make this right,” she argued between panicked glances over his shoulder, terrified to find Marina spying on them.

He smiled and spread her legs open, pressing himself to the sink and wrapping his arms around her. She squeezed her knees against the sides of his ribcage.

“Mr. McIntyre! Your wife is in this condo!” she whispered.

He tilted his face to hers.

“No,” she insisted quietly but fervently. “You’re going to get us both into trouble!”

He kissed her lips.

“Tell me to stop and I’ll stop,” he whispered back, kissing her lips.

“Fine! Stop!” she whispered, pulling his pawing hands off of her.

“Stop what?” he said, kissing her collar-bone gently.

“Stop kissing me!” she whispered, embarrassed by how much she wanted him to do anything but to stop doing that.

You stop kissing me,” he said, tilting his face back up to her.

You’re drunk, Mr. McIntyre,” she scolded.

He abruptly stepped back with a disappointed cringe, “So?”

“So,” she continued, getting down to her feet, “you don’t know what you’re doing.”

He approached her and took her sweet face in his warm hands. Kissing her lips softly, he said “I know that I’ve wanted you from the moment that I laid eyes on you. Don’t tell me you don’t feel it, too.”

She bit her lip. This had gone far beyond teasing and she couldn’t deny what she felt. She tip-toed up to him and kissed his lips, savoring his attention. For a moment, she felt like the only girl in the world, but she wouldn’t allow herself that fantasy while there was a grown woman only a few yards away who could ruin both of their lives by labeling Bill as a pervert and April as a homewrecker.

“Okay. But not – not here,” she insisted. “Can you drive?”

He shook his head.

She thought for a moment. “Then I’ve got to run and catch my train.”

She grabbed the collar of his shirt and curled it into her fists, feeling just as frustrated as he looked. She kissed his strong lips one last time and then escaped his embrace. She ran for her purse and darted to the door. Turning back once more, she saw him watching her from the living room with an aching need that tugged at her heart.

“Tell your wife that I said good-night,” April said with half a smile and got out the door as quickly as she could.


That train ride was the longest of April’s life. She dug an old pair of sunglasses from her purse and hid her misty eyes behind them in the dark city night.

Her phone buzzed. As much as she wanted to avoid looking at it, she looked anyway.


[TEXT]: It’s Bill. I got your number from Marina’s phone. Can we talk?


She locked her phone and put it away. She felt he deserved an answer but she just didn’t know what it was. When he buzzed again, she managed to avoid looking again. When there was another buzz and another, she couldn’t resist.


[TEXT]: This is my work cell. Marina never looks at it.

[TEXT]: Please call me. Anytime. Let’s talk about it. I’ll wait up.

[TEXT]: Can you please just confirm that you got this?

APRIL: I got it.

[TEXT]: Will you call?

APRIL: We can’t do this.

[TEXT]: Please don’t say that.


She turned her phone off and cried behind her sunglasses.


In spite of herself, April squeezed her pillow and inhaled it’s scent to see if any trace of Mr. McIntyre’s shampoo was there. She bit her lip, more nervous that some essence that reminded her of him was there.

It smelled like cheap detergent and Herbal Essences. What else was she expecting? It had been several weeks since that incident – nearly three months!

Her panties clung to her wet virgin pussy as her hips rocked against the mattress as she pined for that musky, dark scent. But she wasn’t thinking of the shampoo from his shower, but his cologne on his chest. She had never been with a man but had masturbated several times to thoughts of guys her own age or older. Even handsome movie stars or athletes Bill McIntyre’s age.

But now it was dirty. She had forbidden him the pleasure of even giving him the phone call he wanted. Because he is married, she told herself. But deep within her, a darkness whispered: because you don’t know if you’ll be able to stop once you start.

The pillow migrated from under her face and down her body, briskly brushing against her breasts and then her tummy until it settled between her legs. On her stomach, in the darkness, she straddled that pillow like a randy cowgirl, pressing her cunt through the fabric of her panties.

She told herself to think of Eric’s washboard abs and his big, sweaty chest. It wasn’t the same anymore. Suddenly, a hairless chest didn’t seem as warm as a hairy one. Tight skin pulled taut over big muscle just didn’t seem as alluring as the dark brooding of the eyes of a man who knew it was so wrong to want her.

Under the safe curtain of night, her ass rose and curled under as she humped her pillow, letting her juices soak through her panties and onto the pillowcase. Wondering what it would be like to grind against a man. To feel his skin underneath her. To grind on a thick, luscious cock. She rubbed so good that she could no longer resist the urge to finish herself off.

She rolled over and pulled her panties aside. Her clitoris swelled and dripped on her soft fingertip. She wound tight circles around it, letting herself get moist. She touched her pussy. She knew that the “evidence” of her virginity that remained there was anything but – most girls that she knew had broken hymens, even the ones who broke it on a dildo or riding a bike.

But Patricia’s warning voice had her in such an alarm. Were there really men who only wanted virgins with hymen intact and everything? It seemed perverse to her but still she didn’t probe her pussy more than to touch the smallness of it. It sent shrill pleasure up her tummy and into her breasts. She breathed heavy as she turned again to her pleading little bean. Then it was two fingers rubbing her wetness over her clit in a steady rhythm as she moaned into the dark night of the room. Then it was three fingers rushing frantically as she whispered, “Eric! Oh, Eric!”

An orgasm swelled from within like a beast breaking at the gates of her pretty little cunny.

“Take me, Eric,” she whispered as it grew bigger and bigger and bigger and burst. She let the wetness pour down, lubricating herself as she reached a rich, scrumptious climax that took her breath away.

“Ooooooo, Bill!” She spat out with a wanton groan. “Fuck me. Own me, Bill!” she came hard, her whole body tightening with an intense, radiating, toe-curling orgasm.

She laid back in her cloudy mattress and caught her breath, her achey muscles swimming in warmth. The afterglow made her legs and breasts tingle as her pussy buzzed and her head floated away from the rest of her body.


ERIC: wut r u wearing?

APRIL: Wouldn’t you like to know?

ERIC: tease

APRIL: Wow! Name-calling? Bye!

ERIC: wait!

ERIC: sorry

APRIL: I’m NOT a tease.

ERIC: i will DIE if I don’t know what panties ur wearing

APRIL: You will be missed.



ERIC: come meet me? tonight?

APRIL: What’s in it for me?

ERIC: Wut u want?

APRIL: *shrug*

ERIC: I’ll take u to Prom!


ERIC: srsly!

APRIL: Jerk! Most un-romantic Prom-ask, ever! EPIC FAIL!

ERIC: I suck, so wut? Will u go with me? Please?

APRIL: If you’re playing around with me…

ERIC: im too nervous to ask in person, ok?


ERIC: Look. Go to Prom with me?

APRIL: Sure.

ERIC: Srsly?!?

APRIL: On one condition…

ERIC: Wut?

APRIL: Spell properly in your texts. It drives me nuts!

ERIC: u got it. =)


April shook her head as she put her phone away.


April canceled her plans for Spring Break to be with Mr. McIntyre and the boys. It broke her heart to cancel the trip to California that she and Marjorie had planned but spending all day with her precious little men was too tempting. Both Bill and Marina were working long days and Sammy being home from school meant that it was way too hard to keep the household running.

The entire week was an intense game of cat-and-mouse as Bill and April would steal kisses around the condo while the boys weren’t looking. It seemed that some moment in the day, they could put the boys away for a nap or steal away to the bathroom and get a little action – some kind of action. But as much as she wanted him, April still wanted that first time to be special, not rushed. The opportunities never lasted longer than four or five minutes. Bill was obviously ready, pulling at her clothes and stroking her buttocks in a way that showed her very plainly that he knew his way around a woman’s body. Before she could be convinced to throw caution to the wind and just let him fuck her, Sammy or Finley would nearly catch them.

Bill had convinced Marina that it was bad enough that April should take the train to Lincoln Park, let alone ride it home late at night. So, in the parking garage of the condominiums, they made out in the back of the Escalade before Bill drove her home. There were security cameras so they were very careful to stay where the dark limousine tint of the SUV protected their identities.

Bill would massage her breasts as he kissed her. She untucked his shirt and ran her fingers along the wide, rippling muscles of his back. They whispered sweet nothings in one another’s ears and laughed and giggled like a pair of horny teenagers. Meanwhile, April tried hard to ignore the plain fact that she was a horny teenager.

Then, just as things were getting interesting, April’s mother would text to know if she was going to be home soon and then they had to race through late night traffic to get her home on time.


Every night, before Marina came home, April would shower in Bill’s shower after the boys were down for the night. She would shampoo her long locks in his masculine and sporty shampoo and conditioner, then she would use a small serving of his expensive and musky body wash as she would pleasure herself, basking in his scent and imagining him banging her hard as she licked fingers and toyed with her clitoris until she climaxed. She actually kind of liked his smell on her.

When she got out of the shower on Thursday and wrapped herself in a towel, he was smiling as he leaned against the doorjamb.

Why, Mister McIntyre!” she played the shy debutante as she dug out Marina’s hair blow dryer.

He said nothing but walked up behind her.

She blew a blast of the hair dryer playfully in his face, “Now, Mr. McIntyre! I don’t know what’s gotten into you!” she laughed.

He wrapped his arms around her towel-shrouded tummy. Dear God, but she loved that! Her face squeezed cheek-to-cheek with him.

He pressed himself against her as she blew her hair dry. His thumbs stroked the slender shape of her arms.

“Sing to me,” he whispered in her ear.

She set the hair dryer down and swayed gently to an invisible accompaniment of jazz piano, brass and strings. She softly sang Billie Holiday to him:


I don’t know why but I’m feeling so sad

I long to try something I never had

Never had no kissin’

Oh, what I’ve been missin’

Lover man, oh, where can you be?


The night is cold and I’m so all alone

I’d give my soul just to call you my own

Got a moon above me

But no one to love me

Lover man, oh, where can you –


He spun her around and stopped her lips with a deep kiss. His tongue tasted the roof of her mouth and suddenly drove her wild with lust. His hands parted her towel and she felt bare to him as his massive, warm hands swept around her moist flesh and held her to him by the small of her back. The air in room seemed to sweep up and brush against her twat, then. She resisted mildly but it was no use against his strength. And deep down, she didn’t want to succeed at pushing him away. Not again.

“Wait,” she pleaded.

“Just once, baby,” he begged, “Just a quick fuck, before she gets home. I’ll go easy if you want me to. I’ve got to have you!

“Okay, but it,” she began. “It would be – you know – my first time.”

He laughed sarcastically as he looked into her eyes, “Yeah. Sure.”

She nervously chewed her lip and shook her head to show him that it was not a joke. “I’ve never…”

His eyes widened. “Ever?”

“No,” she answered . “I’m – God, it’s so cliche but – I’m just not -”

He laughed, “Not that kind of girl?

She shook her head: “It’s just complicated.”

His eyes were kind even as he frowned and reluctantly pulled her towel closed in front of her without so much as a peek.

“All I do is tease you!” she said with guilt in her voice.

“No,” he objected, “you’ve done nothing wrong.”

As he walked out, he softly closed the door and left her alone. It made her want him even more, now that it had been his turn to walk away.


On Friday night, Bill’s phone rang while April was watching a Pay-Per-View Monster Truck rally with two very sleepy little boys on the couch, Finley tucked under her arm and snoozing comfortably against her breast and Sammy with his head in her lap, staggering to stay awake.

After Bill hung up, he emerged in the living room.

April smiled at him, content as could be with his boys snuggling up to her. She ran her fingers through their red curls and kissed the top of little Finley’s head.

“That was Marina, she’s in Michigan for a fundraiser for the NRA.” Bill whispered.

April’s eyebrows shot up. “Oh? She doesn’t seem like a gun person to me.”

He broke half of a grin, “In her business, you’re a ‘gun person’ whether you are or you aren’t.”

She smiled, “Well, good luck to her.”

He nodded: “That’s just it – the runway at O’Hare is completely frozen over, again. It’s pretty bad, apparently, and all flights are closed until it thaws in the morning. She had to check in to the Four Seasons.”

April frowned sarcastically, “poor baby.”

He laughed. She laughed. Their eyes met. And lingered. His eyes dark and brooding. Her eyes nervous but excited. Her heart beat hard and fast against poor little Finley’s ear.

“I’ll – just put these little monsters down,” April whispered, suggestively.

“I’ll help,” he eagerly volunteered.


Alone at last and with all the time in the world, they stood in Marina’s locked Master Bedroom with electricity suspended in the air between them.

Bill approached April and placed his hands on her smooth shoulders. She shivered at his touch but nodded to show that she was alright.

“Beautiful,” he whispered warmly in her ear.

April blushed, her cheeks glowing with embarrassment and arousal. She bowed her head, hoping that he hadn’t seen. She felt his strong, massive hand stroke down along her spine to the small of her back. He pulled until April’s firm and soft breasts pressed against his strong, broad chest. His other hand traced the contour of her arm to her shoulder and up her neck to where he gently wound her golden hair into a strong, silky rope and grabbed it.

“Not too hard!” she gasped.

He pulled gently enough that he had control of the tilt of her head, but not so it hurt badly. He kissed her neck, softly. Before she knew it, her eyes had closed and she purred with delight. Like satisfying a craving for something she had never tasted.

Bill kissed along her collar-bone. She could feel herself becoming moist at his every touch. A wave of shame lurked beneath the excitement of it all. Her head swam like it was full of champagne.

“Should I check on the boys?” She asked.

“The boys are sleeping,” he whispered.

“I’m responsible for them,” she said, nervously.

He released her hair and looked into her eyes, “I’m responsible for them.”

His embrace was so tight that all that she could do was to put her arms on his shoulders and submit to his will.

“Okay,” she whispered. “I’m a little nervous that it will hurt. That’s all.”

Bill kissed her. His lips tasted sweet and the air in his lungs seemed enchanted to her. Pressed against him, she could feel the bulge in his pants growing harder.

“My God, Mr. McIntyre,” she muttered, breaking his kiss. “You’re huge!”

“Trust me,” he said, “ I know what to do.”

“Okay,” she nodded. “Just, just please be careful with me.”

He lifted her into his arms and carried her to the bed. He dropped her down on top of the downy comforter that she had only seen from the door. Stretching out on it, it was everything she had imagined. Like laying on a warm cloud. She could live on that comforter. She watched him, still dressed, unbutton her top one button at a time.

Her breasts heaved in her lacy bra, full and young and lovely. He reached underneath her and expertly unhooked the bra with one hand – which managed to somehow turn her on even more. She finished taking off top and bra for him and crossed her arms over herself.

Bill smiled at her and took her wrists in his hands. He opened her up to him and she closed her eyes, swallowing back her girlish nervousness. Her nipples were pink and puffy and sensitive. Her white flesh flushed pink again.

“They’re perfect,” he said, allowing her arms to relax. She laid back, open for him and for a moment, cherished the way he adored her naked bosom.

“Another first,” she whispered.

Bending down, he softly kissed them. First the left: slow and soft and warm. Then the right: gently caressing her softness. He kissed the pink nipple, causing her mouth to open like she would gasp or scream but her breath choked in her throat. He looked up into her eyes and just kissed the nipple gently.

She sighed with relief. She wasn’t sure what she was afraid of but she felt so vulnerable.

His tongue traced the nipple as he looked into her eyes. She felt her breathing quicken as her eyebrows arched in anticipation. She was suddenly so wet that all she could think of was how she must smell.

“I’m-” she began.

“Yes?” Bill asked.

“Are you sure we should be doing this?” she asked.

He shook his head, “No.”

He brushed her bare tummy with his manly fingertips and touched her where she had a small scar from a belly-button piercing that had closed over the years.

“That’s cute,” he said with a smile.

“It was,” she said. “It used to be a belly-button piercing.”

He looked up with an amused smile, “I know that, April.

She rolled her eyes and covered her face. Of course, he knew! He was like a gazillion years old! She and Marjorie had gone with their fake ID’s to get the piercings done when they were fifteen but April’s Mom had made her take it out.

“What kind of man are you trying to attract?” Patricia had asked. “What doctor or lawyer wants a wife with a belly-button ring? Don’t sell yourself so damned short, April!”

But Bill didn’t seem to mind. Her tummy was firm and trim but the skin was silky smooth as he caressed her, seductively. Then he lifted her skirt. She felt ridiculous laying on Marina’s soft cloud-comforter wearing her KEDs and a cute pair of white cotton panties (that didn’t match her bra). Why did this have to happen on the one day she didn’t wear cute lingerie?

“I have cuter underthings,” she blurted.

He smiled, “Oh? Do you wear them when you come here?”

Her mouth started to dry up as she confessed: “Yes.”

“Hoping that I would see them?” he asked.

“Just to know that I was wearing them,” she said, “that when you were looking at me, you were looking at a girl wearing pretty lingerie, whether you could see it or not.”

Bill kissed her, again. She drank his delicious kiss, hungrily.

“Aren’t you going to take your clothes off?” she asked.

He didn’t answer but leaned down to her breast, cupping its shape in his hand. He kissed it. He licked it. He placed his lips over it and gently sucked.

April moaned, her legs squirming at the sensation of Bill’s warm mouth suckling her breast. After giving her other nipple some special attention, he played with her for a long time, massaging her breasts, sucking her nipples until they stuck out in puffy mounds, not at all like girls in porno magazines she had seen but he didn’t seem to think they were strange.

Her breath heaved as he kissed a trail down her stomach and only stopped to toy with the elastic of her panties. Shamefully setting her shoes on the comforter, April lifted her bum from the bed so he could pull her plain-jane panties down to her knees and then completely off.

He looked at her pussy silently for a minute. He pulled her legs apart and cupped her in his gigantic hand. She didn’t shave at all but she wasn’t very hairy – a small tuft of golden hair that showed she was a natural blonde.

“Mmmmmmmm,” April moaned, her back arching. “Don’t stop,” she begged.

She closed her eyes and cherished the touch of his palm against her. Her head tossed against the comforter with each movement of his hands. Bill let his hand slide all the way down until his thumb was poised at her entrance. He slowly dipped it inside, finding her wetness. Then, he ran the tip of his index finger, caressing the thin silkiness of her cherry.

“I haven’t seen that in years,” he said.

She suddenly became self-conscious, “Oh?” her voice quivered.

He bowed between her legs, making her heart race. His hands tenderly braced her open for his face. She felt his nose graze the heart-shaped patch of her blonde pubes. Then something soft and wet. It caused her to inhale sharply.

“Let me,” he whispered from her crotch.

“O-o-okay,” she stammered.

He enjoyed the taste of her cherry long and sweetly, nearly driving her insane with a wild and erotic thrill like rounding the peak of a terrifying roller-coaster.

When Bill’s hands released her thighs and his tongue left her pussy, she looked up. He was unbuckling his belt. She propped up on her elbows.

“Have you ever seen one, before?” He asked.

She nodded: “on the internet”.

He pulled his boxers down with his blue jeans.

“Jesus,” she whispered. He had to be nine inches, at least. He was hairy but not unkempt. A trail of dark hair crawled up from his cock to his belly. But the thing that shocked her most were the balls. They weren’t pretty and that she had expected. But his hung low and massive. As ugly as they seemed, looking at them made her womb ache with a primal need.

He laughed at her reaction and stripped off his shirt. He had a six pack! And nice pec’s and arms, too! His cock/tummy hair-trail exploded across his broad, toned chest. She was shocked.

“My God, Mr. McIntyre!” she said with sincere wonder.

He laughed again.

“Don’t laugh!” She said. “You’re – freaking HOT!”

He laughed again as he walked closer, his pole swaying in the evening air.

“And that!” she exclaimed a little too loudly. “Jesus! I don’t even know how that’s supposed to fit inside someone!”

Naked, he mounted the bed, again and lay next to her. He ran his fingers through her hair and tasted her lower lip between his. She wrapped her arms around his waist, her naked flesh against his. His skin was hot and tough like leather. His muscles moved under his skin like the knotted muscles of a wild beast. Her breath caught in her throat as she broke away to breathe. He continued to devour her neck, her chest, her breasts. She touched his strong back, her arms still wrapped around him.

Bill whispered in her ear: “Is this what you want, April?”

“I think so,” April said through ragged breathing. “How do you know when you’re ready?”

“You’re never ready,” he said.

She touched his face. “I’m so horny,” she whispered.

“Me, too,” he said. Sure enough: his cock had risen to full attention, the soft head solidifying and the shaft erect like an animal ready to pounce!

Was it only a dream? Was she going to wake up with a smelly pillow to wash again? Her head swam, intoxicated with a biting elixir of lust for Bill – not just his body but his attention. She needed to dominate his great big important world even if only for just one fleeting moment.

“I need you,” she finally burst out. “I want it to be you, Mr. McIntyre. I’ve known for a long time.”

Drawing her closer, he pressed his hard cock against her leg. She reached down and touched it. It was veiny and rigid in her long fingers, it arched delightfully upward like its soft head would kiss his washboard abs. Her fingernails glided gently along the bottom of his shaft as she seduced him further. It made his lips part and his breath escape sweetly in her nostrils.

April bit her lip and looked into his beautiful emerald eyes: “Take me, Mr. McIntyre,” she whispered. “Take me how you want me, but be gentle.”

He hovered over her and gently spread her legs. She nodded in consent.

He carefully pressed his cock against her wet pussy lips. She inhaled sharply, but instead of penetrating her, he ran the soft, slick head along her slit, grazing her clit with such a deliciously warm, moist touch that it made her knees weaken and her stomach flip.

“Oh, God!” she whispered.

He played with her pussy some more, pressing himself against her small opening. The pressure scared her a little and she found herself suddenly wishing that it was just done and over with.

“Now,” she said, taking hold of his strong shoulders and burying her forehead into his chest. “Do it. Just give it to me. Just do it!”

Her eyes squeezed shut and she cried out as a sharp pain burst into her crotch.

“Fuck!” she blurted out.

Her fingers dug into his back as he pressed the head into her.

“That’s the worst of it,” he whispered to her. He pushed some more. Her jaw dropped at the sensation of it.

Are you sure?” she asked.

“Yes,” he reassured her, pressing deeper.

“Easy!” she said. “Just keep going – but easy.”

He kept pressing slowly. Her body grappled his cock hungrily. She slowly willed her eyes to open and she sucked in a lungful of air. Tears welled in her eyes but when Bill looked into them, she reassured him with a nod.

“It hurts,” she confessed. “But it feels good. It feels so good.”

He smiled.

“Am I bleeding?” she asked.

He looked down, “Yes, but not a lot.”

“That’s normal, right?” she asked.

“Yes, perfectly normal.”

“It doesn’t gross you out?” she asked.


“It will get on the comforter!” she suddenly exclaimed.

He laughed. “Forget the damned comforter.” Then he kissed her. She drank it in, feeling his tongue parting her lips, she took it into her, penetrated deeply by him until she felt like an extension of his own body. He pressed deeper, causing her to moan in painful lust. Deeper and deeper, he pressed into her, the first time that she had felt anything go that deep. Then he pressed some more.

She broke the kiss and panted for air.

“Tell me,” he said. “Tell me your thoughts, right now.”

“You’ll laugh at me,” she said with a worried look.

“No, I won’t,” he promised.

She wrapped her soft calves around his waist and touched his stubbled face with her hands.

“I was thinking,” she whispered in her best Sharon Stone impersonation, “that it would have to take a real man to make me into a woman.”

He pressed hard into her and pulled out slightly, causing her breasts to blush with wild arousal.

“Mhmm,” April moaned with a hard nod as she was penetrated harder and harder. “Don’t stop!” she begged him. It hurt some but the fullness of it it filled her with desire.

He pressed every inch of himself back in, stretching her open inch by loving inch.

After another minute of harder and harder thrusting, her painful gasps subsided and gave way to moaning pleasure. A pretty, soft smile broke across her face with fulfilled satisfaction. He kissed her lips as he pounded into her harder and harder. Slow, careful lovemaking gave way to hard and thorough fucking.

She couldn’t believe, even with the pain, how wonderful it felt. Bill – a man – was inside of her and loving every deliciously pink inch of her. He was her first lover. She worried that she couldn’t help but feel empty if he ever pulled out.

His pace quickened until April was groaning with deep yearning. He fucked her quickly and in timely rhythm like a rock ballad of flesh-pounding.

“Fuck me,” she whispered through grit teeth.

“Yeah?” he grinned playfully at her as he banged into her so hard, she felt his enormous balls slap against her asshole.

She gasped and then groaned. “Oh, fuck!” She cried.

I’ll fuck you, baby,” he growled. “You like it when I fuck your – naughty – little – pussy, – baby?”

“Baby!” She cried out, feigning her best inner bitch, “I’m not your baby, asshole! I’m your fucking baby-sitter!

He thrust harder, causing her to grapple onto his back.

“Whoa!” She cried out. “Whoa, big fella!”

“What – are – you!” He demanded as he pounded her deeply.

“The – baby – sitter!” she answered in loud, breathy gasps, opening her mouth and groaning with wanton passion. She knew he was loving the taboo of it. And now he knew the wicked secret that she loved it, too.

Who – are – you?” he groaned.

Her labored breath hardly gave her the air to answer: “Ugh! – Ah! – TheUgh! – fuckingmmmmnnnhbaby – GOD! – sitter! Oh, baby! Oh, fuck me! Yeah!”

A warm and familiar pressure welled inside of her. Only vibrators or her own fingers had ever made her cum before but she immediately knew the rich sensation of it. All she could think of was his hot semen splashing into her cervix, pulsating inside of her, pumping his seed into her.

“Shit!” she exclaimed. “I’m gonna cum!”

“You know it!” he said with a sinful pleasure in his voice.

“No, really!” she cried. “I’m gonna fuckin’ cum!” She wanted him to know what he did to her Wanted him to think about her and only her. She wanted to not think about the consequences of his being married or her having to give his sons baths while knowing that the cock that had impregnated their mother had pumped into her the same baby-making love. Not think about the chances that she could get pregnant in spite of the pill.

The pill!

Her eyes grew wide. “Oh, shit!” she exclaimed.

“Yeah! C’mon, baby!” he roared.

“No! I – I…!” she forgot all sense as she came again. Delicious warmth washed over her whole body. Her eyes rolled and her mouth opened wide and panted hard as her soft and pretty legs vibrated and sang in the air over his strong back. What was it that she was going to say?

“Oh, shit!” she repeated. “Oh my God! Jesus!” She shouted. “Bill! Bill, wait! Are you gonna cum?”

His face constricted.

No, no, no, no… she thought

“Cum on my – !” she hadn’t got the word boobs out in time. Suddenly, he burst inside of her. Banging harder and harder, he emptied inside of her and swore under his breath with each spastic release of hot, sticky cum. She could feel her body rebelling against her, craving every drop of his sex.

“Fuck!” she cried in worry and ecstasy. “Oh, my pussy!” she blew at the strand of hair that fell into her eyes. “Oh, God, my pussy…”

“Are you alright?” he asked, stroking the rebellious few locks of her blonde hair that had flown over her face.

Panting and trembling, April threw her arms around his neck and held him against her breasts, kept his warm cock inside of her. Holding him and being held by him, she only softly whispered in his ear…

I’ll never be the same.”

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