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The Sitter’s Baby 2.7 – Stranger than fiction

Chapter 7

The cab stopped in front of Bill and Marina’s flat. Bill had insisted that she start to use cash that he gave her to travel in safety. But that was not the only reason that she called a cab – this was the beginning of a game that they had devised. April wore a cute black dress with a long coat.

“That’s thirty-six dollars, sweetie,” the smelly cabbie said.

April passed him three 20-dollar bills from her new Prada purse and told him to keep the change.

“Whoa,” she heard him say as she got out. Now that she was out of High School, April had days free. As far as her mother knew, April spent her days shopping and hanging out with friends. But really, she got dressed up and made up as best she could manage and went to fuck Bill while the boys were out with some new Internet-ordered nanny.

Bill’s pants hit the floor, his beautiful cock hanging like a meat hammer between his legs.

“Did you do it?” He asked a little too seriously.

“Did I what?” April acted annoyed while her stomach did somersaults, as much from the anxiety of a good fuck as the thrill of playing along.

“Did I fuck Mr. Shaw? Is that what you mean?” Remi Shaw was a real person’s name. Last time, she had made one up along with a whole scenario, but this time, Bill had given her a list of names of men he fantasized about her with and she had picked one. Not only had she picked one, but she Googled him. He was a Venture Capitalist who had gambled on a Defense contractor before the war. She learned in a Forbes article what his connection to Bill was – he sat on the board of directors of a University where Bill had once taught economics before going into consulting.

Bill became aroused as she told him more.

“Yes I did, Bill. I fucked him bareback and let his cum fill up my pretty little pussy. He took me out on his boat, Bird of Paradise. You know the one.”

Bill did know the one, she knew. There was a picture of the two men on the boat in Bill’s office for a Fourth of July barbecue.

“You bet I did!” She went on. “I fucked his big Daddy Warbucks cock and I loved every minute of it.”

“What the hell kind of dirty slut are you?” Bill said, feigning hurt. “You are the mother of my child and of all the men that you could choose you chose to fuck him?

“Oh,” she said, spreading herself wide and stroking her bald pussy, “he made it worth my while, Big Daddy. Turns out that he likes to film pretty young things with his video camera. Pays top dollar, too. Will you still love me when I’m a filthy rich porn star?”

“You know that it didn’t mean anything to him,” Bill said as he drew closer. “you’re the flavor of the week to him.”

April thought that she could almost hear real jealousy in Bill’s voice. She reached up and beckoned him closer with her upturned finger.

“Billy, you know I love you and only you. Come here. Let me show you.”

He had her on her knees in an instant.

“Go on, billy boy,” she spat out, “do what you’re good for. I know that Marina doesn’t appreciate a good fuck, but Baby does. Even if it’s for the second? Third? Sixth time, today?”

“Old man Shaw had this five times, already!” he grumbled playfully through grit teeth.

“Wonders of modern medicine, baby” she smiled.

He penetrated her and started to fuck hard.

“Hey, tiger!” she complained. “I might be loose but there’s still a baby on-board. Go easy.”

“Sorry,” he whispered.

“That’s a fucking joke, Bill,” she whispered back at him. “Come on, you can do better than that.”

Absolutely nothing – nothing – in the whole wide world felt as delicious as Bill’s rock-hard cock pounding her, filling her and rocking her whole body as his hot and sweaty abs flexed and his ass-cheeks clenched and he rammed her wet pussy into heavenly fulfillment.

“Fuck yeah, you dirty old perv! It turns you on that ‘Old Man Shaw’ already had me over and over, doesn’t it?”

“Maybe!” he answered angrily

“Fuckin’ maybe!” April answered. “Do you smell him, Big Daddy? Can you smell his spunk in your baby-mama’s pussy? Here!” She picked up her lacy black Victoria’s Secret panties and threw them at his face. “Maybe you can still smell him where his juice leaked out on those!”

“Ugh,” Bill grunted as the panties fell on her back. She picked them up and reached up and put them in his face.

“Eat them,” she ordered. “Suck Baby’s panties clean so maybe you can be good for two things.”

Bill took April’s worn thong into his mouth.

April laughed. “You see? Old Man Shaw’s sloppy seconds taste good when you know that he can fulfill me in every way that your pathetic ass can’t.” April could see how powerful her tease was. “Maybe I got the order wrong and fucked the wrong rich Baby-Daddy, first…”

Bill fucked her so hard that he came before she did – a first for them. His huge cock swelled inside of her more than she ever remembered and it made her hand reach to caress her suspended belly and comfort and support his baby deep inside of her as she felt her climaxbuild inside her pussy.

“God!” she exclaimed. “Oh my god, Bill! I’m cumming!” April called, “Fuck my slutty pussy harder.”

Muscles all over her body shook wildly as the orgasm reverberated from head to toe. Bill collapsed on her back, his scalding hot abs resting against her soft buttocks.

“Jesus!” he cursed.

“Yessir,” April agreed as her pussy squeezed the last drops of cum from his massive cock. “Yes, indeed!”

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