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The Sitter’s Baby 2.6 – The dirty family playdate

Chapter 6


“I want to do it,” April surprised Bill. They were eating ice cream at the zoo with Sammy and Finley running around like celtic woads tracking a powerful quarry.

“Do what?” Bill asked, taking another gob at his rocky road ice cream cone.

“Fuck rich men for you,” she said.

He froze and turned to her.

Her eyebrows bobbed flirtatiously as she licked chocolate sauce off of her butterscotch cone and drummed her fingers on her belly.

“Really?” He asked.

She shrugged. “Don’t you think it would be hot?”

“I think it’s hot when it’s rich, older men,” he said.

“That’s what I mean!” she said, licking her butterscotch cone seductively.

“Jesus,” he said. “I don’t know.”

“Well, you think about it,” she said, then went to chase after Finley, who was peeing on a bronze Rhino statue.

15 minutes later, the boys were watching a film in the auditorium and Bill had managed to use his pocketknife to jimmy the door of the lady’s room locked.

In an instant, April’s shorts were on the floor and her naked pussy exposed.

“You shaved!” he noticed.

She smiled and bit her lip as she spun, showing off her even younger-looking body.

“I used your shaving kit! Ha ha ha ha.” She flirted. “You like?”

“I’m gonna fuck you so hard,” he whispered.

“Big talk,” she challenged him, putting her hands on her bare hips and taunting him over her shoulder. “Show me.”

He flipped her around and a wave of panic washed over her.

“Not in the butt!” she cried as she steadied herself against the sink with one hand and cradled her baby-belly with the other. Horrible visions filled her head as she thought about how much she had eaten over the weekend. As Bill bent her over a the waist, pulling her ass against his hip, the bulbous tip of his cock parted the folds of her pussy. She breathed a sigh of relief.

He pushed in all the way, causing her to grasp at the countertop with a loud gasp.

“Who’s your Daddy?” he demanded. She fought hard not to laugh at the cliché of it.

“You are, Daddy,” she said in her best ‘Bimbo’ voice, playing along.

“Am I?” He said as he dragged his cock back and shoved into her again. She saw stars but it felt so right, she would play any game to get banged by that yummy meat-stick, again.

“Gawdd! Whatever you want, Bill, just quit screwing around and fucking FUCK ME!” she growled.

“You’re my dirty girl,” he whispered as he banged her again. “Say it!” he ordered.

“I’m your dirty girl, Daddy!” she said, desperately.

“What do you want to do for Daddy?” he asked.

“I wanna fuck other men while Daddy watches!” she grumbled at him.

“Oh, really?” he hissed as he fucked her deep, ramming his full length into her with loud smacks of his skin against her pretty little ass.

“Rich and…powerful men who could buy and sell you a dozen times over, Daddy!” she grumbled. “But you just remember….unh…that I’m having….your…ahh…baby,” April whispered.

He fucked her harder, spreading her open on his manly cock.

“How do I know it’s even mine?” he growled into her ear.

“Fuck you, pervert!” She bit, harshly. It only made him swell harder and press deeper into her. Her eyes rolled as air burst from her lungs with high-pitched squeals. She groaned as she could sear that he got bigger inside of her cunt.

“It’s a little girl,” she moaned back at him. “She’ll have your pretty eyes. Ugh. Ugh. UGH… She’ll have your mother’s curly hair like her brothers.” 

Suddenly, he pressed deep into her and pulled her hips against his, stretching inside of her. Her pussy contracted on him and she could feel her juices slicking his thick shaft.

“Fuck!” He grumbled.

“Fill me up,” she whispered. “Fill me up with that beautiful baby-making cum. C’mon big Daddy! Show me what a man you are!”

He burst inside her. It made her pink nipples tingle wildly.

“Fill me up,” She whispered, bucking against him hard. “Oh – yes! Fill – me – up! I – want – EVERY – LAST – DROP!”

He pumped himself into her harder, cumming with every strong thrust. She squealed in delicious delight as his massive balls slapped against her clitoris.

“Take me!” she cried. “I’m cumming for you! I’m cumming for you, Big Daddy!”

And she did. Her bosom erupted with a pink fluster as her pussy hugged and tugged at his manly cock. She felt it pulse inside of her and his hot, wet cum fill her up more and more and more.

He pulled out. She wished that he hadn’t because it left a void in her. Then he wrapped her in his arms, turned her around and sat her on his lap. There he wrapped his beefy arms around her and held her.

She nuzzled into his neck and stayed there, comfortable and happy.

“She’s yours,” she whispered. “She can’t be anyone else’s. She is your girl. Yours and mine.”

“I know,” he said. “Sorry. I don’t know what got into me.”

She nodded, pressing her forehead against him and burying deeper into his chest. “That’s okay. I was into it, too. I just want you to know.”

“Did you really cum, this time?” he asked.

“Every time,” she admitted. “You take me, completely. Every time.”

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