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The Sitter’s Baby 2.4 – The Baby Shower Quickie


Chapter 4

Marjorie was a dick of girlfriend but she could shine. By the time that April had arrived at the McIntyre’s for the baby shower, Marjorie had already been there for two and a half hours before the party to help Marina decorate. To April’s surprise, the two of them were getting along splendidly. They were laughing and chatting about Graduation and Prom and any other way that Marjorie could turn the conversation to herself.

Finley was on April as soon as she was in the door, his copper curls bobbing as dashed up and threw his arm around her leg.

“You have a baby in you!” he cried out, proudly.

“That’s right, little man!” April said as she picked him up and carefully cradled his little rump ontop of her baby-bump.

“It’s like a birthday party for your baby,” he said, clapping his little hands.

“It is kinda like that, isn’t it!” she smiled down to him.

“Your baby has lots of presents!” He whispered, excitedly.

“Oh, good! I’m so happy!” She whispered back to her small conspirator. “Have you missed me, sweet boy?” She whispered, bumping her forehead gently against his as he played with a string of pearls around her neck – pearls that his father’s credit card had purchased for the occasion.

“Uh-huh,” he said. “Your boobies got huge!”

She laughed, “Isn’t that great?” she asked.

“I like it,” he smiled.

“I’ll bet you do!” she giggled as she kissed his fluffy little cheek.

Other Babysitter is booooring,” he cringed.

“She has a name, you know?” April teased.

“So?” he whined.

“Soooo…and she is my very good friend!” April smiled assuringly.

“Can you teach her how to make my Mac and cheese?” he asked.

She frowned, “Marjorie knows how to make Mac and cheese. Did you ask her?”

“She can’t make it like you can,” he whispered back and then put his arms around her neck. Her heart melted. She felt obligated to tell him the alarming truth that KRAFT Mac and cheese came out the same no matter who made it – but she knew he wouldn’t believe it.

“I love you, my little man,” she whispered in his ear.

“I love you, too, Babysitter,” he said in hers. And it wasn’t compelled. It was real and genuine. A tear formed in her eye as the reality of how much she had missed him overcame her. There may have been pregnancy hormones involved, too.

“Are you crying?” he asked, snuggling against her.

She sniffled. “Sometimes girls do that,” she admitted.

“How come? It’s dumb!” He said.

She laughed. “Yeah, it kind of is. But I want you to start calling me April, from now on. Okay?”

Looking in her eyes, he smiled and nodded with an open mouth that betrayed his sweet and innocent shock at her indecent proposal.

She pressed her finger to her lips to show it was a secret. He did the same and then they enjoyed a playful tickle together.

April’s Mom arrived late to the shower as did most of the guests and that was fine with April. A handful of ladies from the building showed up. April had registered at Target so most of them didn’t bring something from the registry. They brought soft, expensive blankets and learning/development toys from Nordstrom’s or Macy’s. Obviously donors to Marina’s clients. Marjorie was the only friend from school who showed.

Bill was nowhere to be found. It made her heart drag as she waded through the stupid games and the sugar-binging and Marina’s bragging to her yuppie friends about so many wild things that April didn’t bother keeping track of what any of them were.

Was he upstairs? Didn’t he at least want to see her? Even if they couldn’t fuck, didn’t he want to see how round her belly had become with his child? Steal a smile? A wink? A kiss?

A cake shaped like a baby girl with a bow on its head was morbidly dissected and everyone stuffed their faces. Marina bragged to everyone about how she had taken a recipe to the baker to show him how to make an ice cream cake with organic yogurt, instead of ice cream. Her braggadocios self-righteousness was almost as gross as the cake.

April heard “Congratulations” so many times that it started to nauseate her. Well, something was starting to nauseate her but she was no longer any good at deciding what it was.

“Sorry, ladies!” April announced as she stood up. “Super-Prego-Girl needs to fly to the little girls’ room.” As she darted for the hall, they all laughed and made snarky recollections about peeing all the time when they were child-bearing.

Their voices faded away as she rounded corner and peeked up the stairs toward the Master Bedroom and the office. She could barely hear Bill’s voice wafting down from the office as she tip-toed upstairs. He was obviously on a business call.

Nausea long-forgotten, her pregnancy hormones were driving her insane with desire and she knew that she needed something and she needed it fast.

As she passed the bathroom, she opened the door and touched the light panel. Locking the door handle, she closed it from outside. Anyone coming up to check on her would think that she was in bathroom.

Bill’s office door was unlocked as she snuck in and softly closed it behind her. She turned and chewed on her lip seductively. Her heart raced as wicked thoughts dripped from her horny mind.

“Charles, these projections do not line up with what the Directors agreed to!” Bill chastised his caller as he gave April the One-minute finger. “That’s easy for you to say because you don’t have to answer to the bitchy ones!…No, of course, I don’t mean to yell…Fine, but understand that if the math is wrong it falls on me no matter whose forecasting it is, Chuck!”

He muted his cell-phone. “What’s up?” he whispered to April.

She smiled and leaned against the door. She reached under her dress and pulled her black-and-silver lacy panties down and giving him a nice spectacle of her blonde-haired pussy.

At first it seemed like he might scold her but instead, he leaned back. Un-muting his call, he calmly responded: “…Go ahead, I’m listening…”

April’s hand reached for her pussy again, stroking her fingernails through her newly-trimmed patch. The faraway look to Bill’s eyes as he held the phone to his face showed his keen interest.  The warmth within her spread as she touched her clitoris.

One finger stroked her lips where she had spread open on his cock on the night that he had fucked her hard enough to impregnate her. There was sweet wetness there. She licked some off of her finger, savoring her own taste for him. He loved that part. Scooting down the door to sit on her haunches, she slid a finger inside and shook as she penetrated herself and dragged her fingertip across the roof of her pussy. She felt her body squeeze at the finger, yearning for a big, fat, manly cock.

She licked her finger again and circled her clitoris. She reached her other hand to touch her throat, then pull down to play with her pearls, which clacked noisily as she wound them around and around in time with the delicious circling of her clit. She pulled the string of pearls in to her lips and sucked on them as her hand returned to fondle her breast.

His bulge stiffened in his jeans as he shook his head with sinful delight.

Her nipples were stiff and sensitive as she stroked her clitoris, reaching for climax. She sweetly edged, making her eyes roll as she let him watch the gentle tide of her pleasure wash over her body. She breathed heavily as it mounted closer and closer. She quietly gasped as orgasm rocked her body against the door. Warm, sensual pleasure trickled from her mound outward to he thighs, rippling with a brilliant cocktail of joy and embarrassment and pride that had completely burned away all the reservations she might have had about the kind of girl she was being.

When she opened her eyes, he was rubbing his cock through his pants.

Seductively, she crawled on her knees to the base of his big, leather office chair and gazed up at him, putting her chin on his knee, she reached up and patted his swelling groin.

He smiled at her and mouthed “I am on the PHONE!”

She stuck her tongue out at him, making him have to mute his call to keep from chuckling in his client’s ear.

“Kiss it,” Bill whispered.

“Yes, Daddy,” she answered softly with feigned shock. Her hands worked to unfasten his belt and trousers. She was so turned on.

He balanced her chin with one knuckle of his big hand, tilting her pretty brown eyes to look up at him. He stroked her cheek. As his cock came free of his pants, his hand slipped on the back of her head. As she bent down, cradling her growing baby-bump with her free arm, she pressed her soft lips to his meaty cock as it arched upward toward her face. She licked the head with the softness of her tongue.

Bill held her head with one hand and gabbed on the phone about “forecasting” and “ROI” and something about deficit spending.

“Did you lock it?” he asked, muting the client.

“Nope!” April said maliciously and then suddenly sealed her lips around his bulbous head and began sucking hard. The flavor of his man-meat filled her nostrils.

He stroked her hair as she worked his dick. April caressed his shaft lovingly with her tongue, tasting his fleshy, hardening meat. He pulled at her neck while pulling the mouthpiece away from his face to let his jaw clench or drop slack as he relished in the sensation of her warm, soft mouth sucking him harder and harder.

She sucked hard on the head, popping it in and out of her plump and succulent lips. She slipped her hand between her legs and softly touched her clit.

She edged him closer and closer to coming. His fingers involuntarily tightened into a fistful of her hair. She pushed for the gold: to hear him lose himself in her with a pulsating as he served hot sex down her dirty throat. His balls were tight as she looked up and gazed into his eyes as she touched those massive, soft balls. She massaged them as he gazed lovingly at her slurping and sucking until he he had to mute the client because he couldn’t control his breathy grunting, anymore.

He shot his thick load into her wanton mouth. She eagerly sucked and sucked as his fresh love pooled into her mouth. When he had nearly finished, she released him and mounted onto his lap, pressing his cock into her, greedily. She grabbed the muted phone and threw it onto the couch behind him. She knew he wanted to object but he groaned and kissed her cum-smeared lips. She devoured that kiss and slowly fed his cum into his mouth.

At first, he resisted, but she held onto is face, licking the roof of his mouth and gyrating softly as he spurted the last of his warm, milky juice into her. As he sputtered madly and grabbed her around her waist, she reached down and played with her clit, stuffed full of his manhood until her orgasm pulsated around his dick and then radiated to every inch of her.

“Oh, God!” she whispered as she climaxed hard on him, “Oh my…fucking…Gaaaaaaaw…” She groaned one final and delicious groan of delightful, toe-curling pleasure.

Finally recovering, with only the sound of Bill’s angry caller shouting from the earpiece of his cellphone, she kissed Bill’s manly lips one last time and said, “Not just the babysitter anymore, am I?

She pulled him out of her as she stood and straightened her dress. She stuffed her panties into her purse and quickly exited without looking back. She started to tiptoe back to the bathroom to clean up. Behind her, she could hear him pick up the phone and apologize for “losing the signal”.

When the shower was over, Marjorie stayed to clean and Marina sent April home with an SUV full of gifts for Emma.

“Bill, you drive her,” Marina said sweetly, much to April’s surprise. “Don’t you make that pregnant girl take a cab at this hour.”

Then the strangest event of the whole twisted affair: Marina wrapped her arms around April’s neck in a warm – almost motherly – embrace and then pressed her lips to April’s cheek! Marina had kissed her! It was too much for April to take in as Bill took her down the elevator to the garage, all along, with his hand on her tummy.

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