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The Sitter’s Baby 2.1 – The Affair and Bill’s Confession


Chapter 1


“I missed you, too,” April smiled as she tasted Bill’s lips and wrapped her slender arms around his neck. it had only been a couple of weeks since they had last made love but it felt like an eternity. It was hard to imagine that a few weeks ago, she had been a virgin and now she was preparing to become a mother. A mother to Bill’s baby. To a brother or sister for Finley and Sammy.

“So, tell me about that Prom,” Bill teased, pressing her against the dryer. The spinning heat pressed against the small of her back deliciously.

“You’re not jealous are you?” April said seductively. “You must know by now that I am a very naughty girl. The kind you don’t bring home to Momma – or to the little missus!

He grabbed her gruffly by the arm and spun her around until she was bent hard over the dryer. It made her heart race in time with the cycle and she felt her face flush with embarrassment, thrill and desire.

“I was thinking about you the whole time,” she confessed as he pressed his swelling cock against the roundness of her young, tight ass. He traced the cleavage of her buttocks, making her wild with the memory of how he had bum-fucked her the night of her graduation.

“If I’d have known you liked it in the bum, old man,” she grumbled mischievously, “I could saved myself nine months of trouble…”

He encircled her in his arms and cupped her breasts, gently massaging them through her top.

“Did your date have a big cock?” He whispered in her ear

Huge,” she lied. Eric, her Prom Date, was actually on the small side even for a normal guy. At least, she thought that he was – she had only otherwise been with Bill.

“Tell me where he shot his load?” Bill growled in her ear as he continued to grind his hardening dick against her ass. Her pussy grew moist, yearning to be filled with his meat, again. Suddenly, his hand released her right breast and came down hard against her flank with a loud, skin-reddening spank.

“Ah! Damn you! You’ll wake the boys!” She grumbled, half-seriously.

“Where…” He repeated and spanked her again. “did…he…cum!”

“Fuck!” She cried out in delicious pain. “In my tight little pussy,” she lied, again. “Just like you do, Mr. McIntyre.

It was a lie. She didn’t care.

Bill lifted her skirt and looped his fingers through the narrow ass of her bikini-cut panties. They had girlish sunflowers on them. April had figured he’d like that. He pulled them down, down, down to her knees.

“God, baby, I’ve missed you,” he groaned.

“I’ve missed YOU…Mr. McIntyre,” she purred back.

Do you think I can still taste him in there?” He whispered.

Her heart did somersaults. Her mouth was suddenly dry even as her pussy dripped.

“Why-” she gasped “Why don’t you tell me?”

In an instant, his massive arms had her on top of the dryer and her cute panties tossed haphazardly on the floor. Looking up into her eyes with a wanton hunger, he descended between her legs. His tongue was wide and firm but soft as he slowly traced figures around her clit, making her groan with delicious ecstasy. He licked her folds up and down and into a spiral that took him progressively deeper with every round between her clit or her bum.

“God!” she exclaimed as quietly as she could manage. “Yes!” she gasped. “Oh, yes!”

By the time he was kissing and toying playfully with her swollen clit, two of his fingers had begun playing gently with penetrating her cunt. This was definitely her favorite experience, so far.

“Oh, God, Bill!” she whispered. “God, yes!”

His finger penetrated deep into her snatch. She gasped with splendid delight as he worked her pussy, finger-banging her better than Eric’s cock ever could have done, had he had the chance. Then, to her surprise, Bill cupped his free hand behind her neck and brought her face forward, pressing his forehead to his. His fingers, buried deep inside her pussy turned to magic. He had rotated them, curling the tips against the soft pad of her G-spot and she was suddenly aware of a wetness she had never experienced before. It built up like a reservoir.

“Whose pussy is this?” He asked with hard look in her eyes.

She grinned and wrapped her arms around his thick neck muscles as she  kissed his lips, aggressively.

“I don’t see a name on it,” she whispered, playfully.

He pressed firmly into the G-spot, sending electricity through her body that made her muscles convulse as if he could control her entire body with two fingers. She clung to him as her breasts circled their puffy tips with a lightning storm of a nipple-hardening rush.

April began to shudder. Completely out of her control, her body obeyed Bill’s fingers as they beckoned her to cum again and again.

“Whose is it?” He repeated softly into her ear.

“Mine!” She gasped with all the grit she could muster.

“Whose?” He demanded, finger-fucking her harder.

She exploded in a hard orgasm, gasping for air and giggling like a madwoman.

“Y-Yours, sir.” She whispered.

His fingers intensified. She grasped onto the wrist that was fucking her while his rolex caught on her hair behind her neck.

“Again,” he repeated gruffly.

“Yours, Mr. McIntyre!” she cried out, cumming harder than before.

“Again!” He ordered.

“Ah! Ah! Gawd! Y-y-yours, Bill!” She sputtered out like a virgin being deflowered all over again, and using his name for the first time. “I’m yours!” She said, cumming again. This time, her wetness burst into Bill’s hand. She was embarrassed but her whole body came alive in the sensation. Clear wetness was everywhere.

Then he stopped. How she wished that he hadn’t.

Before she could put together what was happening, her feet were on the floor, again, though she was grateful to be facing the dryer to steady herself as her legs were shaking so hard, she thought her knees might knock together. She was bent over, showing Bill her tight bum and gushing pussy wide open.

Then, that familiar sensation as a big cock circled her pussy lips and suddenly THRUST.

“Oooo, Mr. McIntyre!” she purred, spreading her legs wider.

“Only I can fuck you this good, baby,” he grunted as he slowly pressed himself inch by inch into her.

“That’s it, sir! Put that great big cock in my pussy and fuck me,” she dared him. Her pussy muscles clamped around his cock but her moisture lubricated him freely, facilitating faster, deeper, harder thrusts into her.

“God, Bill, fuck me silly!” she moaned.

He pounded her pussy faster.

“I’m cumming, again!” She warned. And she did. She didn’t need to fake it with him. 

“You like it hard, baby? Didn’t ‘Eric’ give it to you like this? Did he make you cum like this?

“No!” she admitted loudly. “He was pathetic!”

“I’m bigger than he was. Why is that do you think?”

“Because you’re a real man and he’s just a stupid boy!” April called out and meant it.

“You love being my dirty little slut, don’t you?” He barked.

“Yes!” she cried and meant it.

“Tell me what you need!” he slapped her ass hard.

“I need your big – hard – manly – dick inside me!” She answered as she bucked against the flatness of his hips, taking every savory inch of his manhood.

Bill slammed all the way to his hilt, filling her all the way and then pulling almost all the way out, before ramming into her again.

“Oh Bill!” she cried out, “Ugh! I’m cumming! Make me cum, again!” April begged.

“Dirty, dirty, cum-hungry girl,” Bill grunted as he pounded her cunt again and again with every inch of his rock-hard member.

“Don’t stop,” April panted, “Oh God, Bill, just fuck me! Oh! Mmmm! Oh! Ah! AHHHH!”

Suddenly, he stopped, deep, deep inside her. She felt stretched over him like a glove as  his cock pulsated, spilling his savory spunk inside her quivering box, her body milking every scrumptious drop from him.

“FUCK – YES!” She shouted loud enough to wake the neighbors. “Shoot it Bill,” she growled. “Give it to me, sir. Shoot that great big, hot wad in me! Show me how you put a baby in that pussy. C’mon, big guy!”

He blasted thick, hot ropes of semen into April’s sweet cunt as she squealed in orgasm, losing control of herself as she filled with his warm cum.

His arms wrapped around his shoulder and he stayed, feeling every quiver of her pussy. SHe touched his arms and relaxed her whole body, being held by him and lovign every sensation.

“I missed you, baby” he whispered in her ear.

“Mmmm. And I missed you, sweetheart,” she said.

As they lay in blissful afterglow with a stack of warm towels from the dryer as a pillow, Bill mused thoughtfully.

“I can’t stop with you,” he mumbled with a guilty exasperation.

She rolled into his arms put her fingers to her chest.

“Can I play with it?” She asked.

His brow knit in confusion.

“I like it,” she blushed. “You don’t have to get hard, I just want to feel it.”

He laughed. “Knock yourself out.”

She touched his penis. Even flaccid, it was huge. She rolled it in her fingertips and felt the hefty weight of it. She couldn’t help but wonder how it must feel to be a man like Bill. And how sad it must be for a boy like Eric.

“Does it really make you more of a man?” She asked. “Having a big one?”

He shrugged, “You tell me.”

“It’s just that I think about your boys,” she whispered. “I love them. That can’t be all that there is to being a man. Why does a man even care, anyway? I mean – he gets off either way.

“Well, if he’s bigger then the women that he is with are more satisfied,” Bill said.

“Is that true?” She turned to him, still playing with his cock.

“Not always. I had a girl in college who couldn’t take all of me, poor little thing.” He said, nostalgically.

“What was her name?” April asked.

“Why?” he laughed.

“Curiosity,” she said.

He smiled. “Her name was Vanessa. She was shorter than you. Everything on the poor thing was tiny.”

“Was she – inexperienced?” April asked. “Like me?”

Bill smiled, “I’ve never had anyone like you.”

That made her heart glow. Maybe it was a lie but it sure was a nice one.

“Did you own her like you own me?”

He though for a minute. “Nooooo. I was in my thirties when I got as bold as that,” he said. “But I found that all women seemed to like it.”

“How many?” She asked.

“Oh, honey,” he hushed her.

“This is what adults do, isn’t it?” She asked. “Get the sexual histories of their partners? They taught us about that in class.”

He chuckled and shrugged the question off.

“No, Bill,” she said. “How many have you had? I would really like to know.”

“I,” he paused. “I had a bad relationship that went south. A fiancee who cheated on me. After that, I swore off love and pursued women as playthings. For years I did that. During that time, things got wild.”

So, he didn’t know. Wow, she thought, he really is a stud but not in a flattering way.

“Did you get any STD’s?” she asked.

“Crabs a couple of times but that’s it.”

“Did you take anyone’s virginity?” She continued, feeling his cock swell again.

“Once or twice,” he confessed.

“What’s the longest you ever went for?” she asked.

“About an hour,” he said.

“That’s it?”

He laughed. His cock was full and meaty in her hand, now.

“Do you want me to stop?” She asked.

“God, no!” he exclaimed.

She stroked more firmly, but slowly. He responded well to that.

“What was the hottest sex you ever had?” she asked.

“This,” he answered without hesitation.

“You’re sweet,” she said, dismissively. “But really…”

His knuckle tilted her face so that his eyes locked with hers.

“…Really,” he said.

Her heart beat double-time for him. She kissed lips. “You are a charmer, Mr. McIntyre.”

He smiled, “From now on you call me ‘Bill’. Not just like this but all the time.”

“Do I call your wife ‘Marina’?” She asked with a smile.

He laughed: “No! Better to keep it formal with that bitch.” That answer made her smile in spite of her best effort not to.

“Do you?” she asked. “Keep it ‘formal’ with her?”

“We make love,” he said. “But we have to get a little wild just so that I can get hard, anymore. The magic’s all gone out of it.”

She frowned, “That’s so sad. Do you ever think about how your life would be if…” She didn’t need to say it. In each other’s eyes they felt what the words were.

Every – single – day,” he confessed.

She stroked him until he came off, again. It was amazing to her how his cum shot out in a hot rope at first and then trickled out over her hand. Her curiosity overcoming her, she closed her eyes and took her hand to her mouth and licked it off.

It tasted super-weird. Almost gross. But at the same time it tingled on her tongue like a thousand little dancing feet. He kissed her, tasting himself in her mouth, which really turned her on.

“How – how – do – you – taste?” she asked provocatively between kisses.

“Better – inside of you,” he whispered.

After they had made out for a while, she played with his cock again.

“You’re obsessed,” he chuckled.

“How could anyone not be!” she exclaimed. “If I had one like this, I’d play with it all day!”

He laughed, “you’re welcome to this one anytime you want.”

That made her smile. After a while, the gears turned in her head about the confession that he had made about kinky things that Marina did to help him get hard enough to get off. He sure didn’t seem to be difficult to arouse. But then, April thought with a hot wave of flustering embarrassment, I’m way hotter than her.

“What kind of things?”

What?” He asked.

“What kind of things does she do to get you hard?” She asked again.

He laughed, “The questions you have!”

She shrugged. “I’d do anything for you, Bill,” she said, dropping her head onto his chest. “…anything.”

His jaw opened slightly and he stammered out, “you’re amazing. You have no trouble, as you can see.”

She was persistent: “Tell me.”

“You don’t need to be…” he started but when she grasped his balls and squeezed, his eyes bugged out.

“Tell me,” she said with her sweetest voice, squeezing him gradually tighter.

“She fucks other men!” He blurted.

She released him but her eyebrows constricted in confusion, “WHAT? Why?” she said.

“I ask her to,” he answered. “I get off on it. There. You happy?”

She looked him over: “you ask her to cheat on you?”

He put his hands up: “I’m a freak! I tried to warn you.”

“Do you – do you watch?” she asked.

“Of course,” he said. “Usually.”

Usually!” she exclaimed.

“Sometimes we toy at hotwifery.”

“At what?” She asked.

“Her fucking other men with my consent and then teasing me about it, later with pictures and texts, emails.”

Now her mouth gaped. “You like that?”

“It’s a way that I can please her,” he said.

That was reassuring to her. At least now she got from their earlier conversation that the ability to please a woman was such a big ego trip to a guy. She had guessed it was important but she had always thought that getting off was way more important to a guy. It kind of made her like him more.

“Fascinating,” she said. “What kind of men?”

Rich men,” he said immediately, “Rich, older men.”

Now she laughed. “Older than you?”

“Watch it,” he grinned.

“Like how old?” she asked.

“Fifties. Sixties…”

“Jesus!” she said. “Can they even perform at that age?”

“Some,” he nodded. “Sometimes they take the blue pill. My doctor says it will aggravate my heart condition. So some of them perform better than I can.”

She rolled her eyes, “That’s really hard to imagine.”

He suddenly wrapped her into his arms and held her. Not like a lover but like – something else. A father? Maybe. Maybe a boyfriend. April snuggled against his bare chest, smelling his cologne and trying not to think about how she couldn’t be certain about what the difference was, anymore.

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