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The Grease Monkey Brothers Ch. 2

Chapter 2


That night, after Karen had managed to install blinds on the windows of the Apartment, she flicked the switch for the water heater and opened up the tap that hung over the bathtub. A half an hour later, she was naked and soaking in water warm enough to turn her skin pink.

She heaved a huge sigh of relief and lay in the water for a long time. It was nice in this masculine world of black and gray and spartan machinery to feel a little girly for a change. She quickly shampooed and rinsed. Then she sat back with conditioner in her hair and basked in the heavenly warmth of the water.

Water covered the majority of her slender body.

She looked to the nightstand between the tub and the bed and saw that she had left Monk E. Grease sitting, there watching her. She grabbed it.

“What are you looking at, pervy monkey?” she asked him with a smile.

She grinned as she held it over her in the water, dripping from her hand. The muzzle of the black and gray monkey was open, as though in mid-growl.

Karen sat up, cupped one soft tit in her left hand and pushed the areola inside that open mouth. She crushed the body of the toy in her hand and its amusing tiny little squeak was silenced by her nipple.

A cool puff of air brushed lightly against her areola, making Karen shudder. The opening inside his sweet mouth made a small whirlwind that struck her nipple and that was enough for it to harden and stand out.

Again and again, as her pleasure mounted, she played with the adorable ape, moving him from one breast to the other until her nipples stood erect and she knew that the time had come to explore further south. There was a deeper need, a longing for monkey to address for her.
Karen knew her pussy’s moisture was already being washed away. Something about grease monkey being made for kids made her even more turned on.

Any monkey should be delighted to have a chance to place his little monkey-lips on Karen’s tight and sexy body. Most men fantasize about a body like hers, with her smooth skin, a well-proportioned ass, provocatively tight belly and adequate, pert bosom. Even the ideal playmate-grade pink puffy areolas.

Her little monkey was accessible and that made him perfect for the occasion. Sitting with her pussy submerged, Karen peeled back her folds to uncover her clit, which was at that point swollen and ready. She held monkey to her bean and began squirting his sides to expel the air and to draw in a belly-full of water. A hard spurt of water was driven against Karen’s clit again and again, sending a thrill up her tummy each time she squeezed the monkey’s sides.

“Mmmmmm,” she mumbled and began kneading her pussy lips with the fingers of monkey’s little hand.

“Dirty little monkey,” she whispered.

Karen kept rubbing her pussy lips and her clit as her excitement grew. She raised her ankles out of the warmth of the bath and sprawled her calves out over the sides. And each time that an impact of warm, foamy water drifted over her clit from the mouth of monkey, she rocked her pussy forward to meet it.

Her ears dipped below the level of the water and then her chin and mouth and finally her nose. She closed her eyes in exquisite passion as they also dipped below the creating waves of her self-loving. Between her fingers and her monkey, she firmly and vigorously rubbed herself to climax. Holding her breath in the tepid water and to the muffled sound of the noisy radiator and the rickety green refrigerator, she pleasured herself to the thought of Gunner’s abs or Seth’s tattoos.

Holding monkey’s soft belly in one hand and spreading her pussy with the fingers of the other, she gradually pressed his sweet, soft belly against her slit. She was smooth and soft flowering from deep within, begging for monkey to be her man and fill her with his lovemaking. She squeezed his ape-like head and tenderly stuffed him inside of her. Then she grabbed him by his monkey feet and squeezed them, filling his head with bathwater that squirted deliciously inside her pussy. Oh, and monkey was a firm and energetic lover-boy. As monkey penetrated her, his body worked her sweet spots, at first just inside the entrance to her pussy. Then deeper.

Again and again, she plopped monkey out of her with a richly satisfying tug. She filled him with bathwater and pressed him back inside. It was dirty, carnal, even primal as she squeezed, then stuffed, then gently squeezed, again.

Karen came up for air. She groaned as electrical discharges shot through her body with each tender sortee into her pussy. Her breasts emerged from the warmth of the water to be struck by the cold air of the room, mixing her warm and juicy lovefest of the water with the cold, brutal slap of air around her. The gleeful sensations climbed, making her heart race faster and her chest flush pink with desire until her savoring of her rubber monkey’s love cost her all decorum. Her eyes rolled back, her toes curled, and her lips parted as she panted in quivering breaths over and over and over.
The orgasm was brilliant. Moaning joyfully, she loaded monkey with water once more. Her moans started to choke in her chest.

Again and again, she rocked monkey from side to side, plunging harder and more aggressive inside of he, making waves that sloshed hazardously near the highest point of the tub. With each stroke, while her clit and G-spot were being pleasured so well, her pussy fucked against the toy. Karen bit her lip and belly-moaned from the tortured rush of passion.

Her peak shook her entire being. Karen’s thighs crushed together, with her hands between them.


Karen decided to go with her pink flared mini-skirt on Friday. It was a Blumarine, which was a brand that she had come to love in her last months in Los Angeles. If she was going to be flirted with, she might as well show off her best assets. She matched it with a long-sleeve lacy black blouse from Boston Proper. The top had a peachy lining that peeked out from underneath  with faux-nude impression that was very sexy. A pair of brown strappy Mary Janes from Stuart Weitzman completed the ensemble with a fresh, autumn look with a tinge of sex to it.

She only had a guy’s shaving mirror in the bathroom and so she had set up her iPhone like a mirror to giver herself a good look before feeling satisfied and happy. It was going to be a great day.

But that was the day that Drew showed up.

Karen was only halfway down the metal staircase when the scene erupted into violence.

“No, go fuck yourself, Seth!” A large man in a red flannel shirt with a large belt buckle roared.

“Who, me?” Seth roared back. Then he picked up a large, heavy wrench.

Drew didn’t flinch. He only laughed.

“Come on, you guys,” Gunner pleaded. “No one needs to swear or threaten anyone.”

“Shut your mouth, pretty-boy!” Drew fired at him. “And since when do you never wear a goddamn shirt?”

“Leave off him,” Seth ordered, plopping down off of the tractor that he was working on and onto the dirt floor of the pit.

Drew stepped up to him, brandishing a monstrous four inches of additional height and a solid fifty pounds of meat over his brother’s. In an instant, it was a fight.

Before Karen knew what was happening, her Mary Jane’s were clacking loudly down the metal staircase and she heard her own voice calling “Hey!”

What the hell am I doing! She cursed at herself as she ran dangerously fast.

But her voice shouted again: “HEY!

Before she could arrive, Drew had a fist up. He had grabbed Seth’s weapon and yanked it free with one solid pull. Now it was game time.

“No! Oh, No! No! No!” Karen called out like a scared nanny as everything slowed in her blurry vision.

But just as Drew moved to throw the punch, Seth head-butted him in the nose.

Drew staggered backward for a moment, clutching at his face. When his hand came away, there was blood on it.

Everything froze as Seth put up his fists like an Irish street-boxer. Even Karen stopped at the foot of the staircase, terrified of what would happen next and a little surprised that a muscular-but-small guy like Seth could pack a mean head-butt. For an instant, she almost dared to hope that this fight was over as soon as it had begun.

“You little shit,” Drew grumbled.

“No!” Karen shouted even louder than before.

Drew knocked the younger brother’s fists away like he could swat a fly and had one large, beefy hand on Seth’s collar before the younger brother could regain footing to throw a punch. Then Drew knocked his brother in the eye hard enough to slam him into the tractor that he had been working on. In one punch, Seth crumpled to the ground.

Then Drew froze like a very angry Hulk-like statue.

“What the!” he said.

Karen had dropped to the floor of the pit and scrambled on top of Seth, putting herself between the brothers. She had badly scraped her bare knee on the dirty floor as she scrambled on top of Seth. She held her small and soft hand up in front of her in a fist, as if that was going to protect either of them.

She panted and heaved as she felt Seth try to wrestle out from under her. She wrapped an arm around his neck behind her, keeping him down as she looked up at Drew.

“Back off!” Karen ordered. “Back the fuck off, Drew! I mean it!”

“What the -” Drew said again as he laughed and he stepped backward.

When she was sure that it was over, Karen stood up. The two of them seethed at one another for a moment.

“I’m Karen,” she said, as calmly as she could.

“And?” He growled.

“And you can’t go hitting my employees,” she said defiantly.

Drew laughed out loud.

“Your…! Oh my God, I don’t believe this,” he mumbled to himself as he stepped around in a small circle with blood still spurting from his nose.

“Go get yourself cleaned up,” Karen said calmly. “We’ve been waiting on you for a big job since Tuesday, so if you can please–”

“Tell this douchebag–” Drew interrupted.

“Nuh uh!” She shouted. “You don’t talk that way to my employees. Maybe once upon a time, but not anymore.”

“Who the fuck do you–” he started.

“I’m the fucking boss, that’s who!” she said, closing the distance between them.

“I don’t give a shit, little lady,” he said, putting his large and beefy hands at his belt.

“My office!” she said a little too loud. “Now!”

As she stormed up the metal grate of the stairs, she faintly heard him behind her say “her office!”

Gunner laughed, nervously, at that.

Inside the office, she spun on one heel of her Mary Janes and was glad that this was one day that she had not worn heels.

Drew cast a shadow on her door like a giant walking into a cave. That was the first time that she got a look at him in good light.

He was handsome. The flannel shirt was a good look for him, complimented by steel-toe work boots and a pair of black Dickies, coarse and hard but well-fit to him. His face had at least a day’s worth of stubble to it and would be a proper beard before the weekend was over. His eyes were brown, instead of blue like his brothers’. His arms were hairy as distinct from Gunner’s swimmer-body and tattoo-free, a strong difference from Seth.

He held his nose, which was still bleeding badly.

She crossed her arms and stood with her legs apart in a threatening and aggressive way. She could turn on her inner bitch when she needed to. She had been in charge of enough contractors in her life to be able to hold her own.

It was then that she really started to notice that a little blood was trickling down her shin. She didn’t look. Drew did notice and for a moment his expression softened. She thought that he might actually point it out to her. Instead he only continued to bark like a junkyard dog.

“Listen, lady–”

“Karen,” she corrected him. “And you listen to me: you don’t talk that way to my employees. Not now, not ever.”

“You don’t even know what he was…” he started.

“I didn’t do anything for him that I wouldn’t do for you,” she cut him off as she pulled her purse off the back of her chair. She dug in her purse a moment and then finally pulled out an old, lint-covered tampon. It was heavy-flow, still in the wrapper and everything. She handed it to him.

At first, he only looked at her.

“Go on,” she said, “take it.”

He took it with a bewildered look on his face.

“The hell am I supposed to do with this?” he laughed.

“Stick it in your nose or in your pussy,” she muttered as she sat at her desk. “Just so long as you quit your belly-aching and get to work.”

He laughed again and slowly turned to walk out, turning the tampon in his fingers like it came from an alien planet. Then he turned back.

“You’re really going to see this thing through, aren’t you?” he asked.

She looked up at him and said flatly: “yes.”

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