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Grease Monkey Brothers Ch. 7 – “Angie”

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Chapter 7


Karen quickly locked the door to the grimey shop apartment and pressed her face against it. The wood splinters of the old hollow door bit into her forehead and she didn’t care.
“Ugh!” she cried out. “Fucking HELL!”

Then there was stir behind her.

“Ohmigosh!” came a voice. A woman’s voice.

Karen spun around. It was Angela! She was standing at the foot of the bed. In her hands, she held Monk E. Grease, obviously picked up from the chair where Karen left it by the tub.

“What – what are you doing in here!” Karen said.

“I’m so sorry!” Angela burst out. “I-I-ohmigosh!”

Her black hair was done up and out of her way. She wore Wal-Mart denim capris and a cardigan sweater over a tame but cute black blouse. From under the blouse, a piece of her white Mormon underwear peeked out. “Garments” or “G’s” Karen had heard them called. You pick these things up in Utah.

“I’m sorry for – well for coming into your – I wasn’t sure…” Angela looked flustered as she tried to apologize.

She was wearing makeup. More than Karen remembered from before but definitely more and with more care.

“Well, everyone’s – you know – allowed – up here,” Karen stammered.

“I know. You – you locked the door. I can leave if I’m bothering you,” Angela said, dejected.

“Oh God, Angela, you have no idea the day I’ve had,” Karen’s shoulders sank. “I’m off my game. I’m sorry.”

“Call me Angie,” the other woman interrupted.

“Oh!” Karen blurted out. “Of course! I like Angie better, anyway. I had a girlfriend in high–”

“Did you think that I didn’t know?” Angie suddenly burst out. Tears formed in her eyes and she tried vainly to wipe them away in a ladylike way. “About my Seth?”

Karen felt time squeal to a halt.

“I had, actually,” Karen whispered, reaching for something to give to Angie – all that she found was a roll of old toilet paper abandoned at the sink.

Angie’s makeup smeared with tears as she tried to blot them with the toilet paper.

“Did you think that I – I was such a stupid…bitch…that I – I don’t know the man I married?”

Karen bit her lip hard to keep from crying, herself.

“I don’t think that you’re a bitch, Angie. I certainly don’t think that you’re stupid.”

Angie nodded, “well, you’re as stupid as I am, then.”

That hurt.

“Alright, you’re mad at me,” Karen said. “Of course, you are. You have every right to be. I have nothing that I can say that will make this right.”

“Don’t you dare!” Angie said, pointing at her. “Don’t you start making excuses for him!”

“Oh, Angie,” Karen said. “I am guilty, too. I did this to your family and I never meant to hurt you.”

“No,” Angie said. “He knows better!”

“Oh, God – GOSH!” Karen corrected herself to more Mormon-appropriate language. “Please, Angie. Don’t–”

“Of course, by now you must know that he’s done this before!” Angie said.

Karen cast her eyes to the floor. She supposed Seth must have been a player for quite some time but she had never taken a moment to consider how she must be only one of so many mistresses that he kept like so many pearls on a string.

“I waited for him! Those were the longest seven years of my life, Karen! I must be a dumbass!”

“Stop that,” Karen said. “He’s – he’s a good man. I know it doesn’t seem like it, right now, but he is.”

“He’s an addict!” Angie burst out. “I pretend to not know about the pot, but I’m not THAT stupid. But what do I actually not know about, Karen? What else is there?”

Karen stopped and reconsidered. Were they talking about the same thing?

“Well?” Angie shouted. “Is he working for them, again!”

Karen bit her lip again and nodded.

“And you’re a part of it!” Angie said, accusingly. “You’re fine with this!”

“It was to save the shop,” Karen said meekly.

“That doesn’t make it right!” Angie yelled.

“No, it doesn’t,” Karen agreed. And it didn’t.

“What is it this time? Heroin? Meth? WHAT!” Angie yelled.

“It’s just marijuana,” Karen assured her.

Angie laughed out loud.

“You think that these people need Seth to modify trucks for moving pot?” Angie scoffed.

Karen’s heart stopped. It was this all over again? The heavy drugs. What the hell was it with this awful place!

“I – I did, Angie,” she confessed. “My god, I am a dumb bitch!” she put her hand to her lips and tried not to feel sick.

“If I had known,” Karen started.

“They use addicts for this, Karen!” Angie said. “They use them because they know that eventually, they can pull them right back in for more and more dangerous things!”

“I thought that he was a pot dealer,” Karen said. “I swear to God, that’s all.”

Angie nodded. She cried into the toilet paper and tried to compose herself. She held up Monk E. Grease.

“Do you know what this is?” Angie said.

Karen nodded.

“I know he likes you,” Angie said. “What am I even saying? Of course, he likes you! I mean: just look at you!”

“Oh, Angie,” Karen said.

“You dress so pretty and you are so pretty! What with your hair and your – boobs – and your perfect…” she shook her head. “Everyone looks at you and forgets the whole world. It must be nice.”

Karen’s heart skipped a beat.

“Tell me that this isn’t in here,” Angie continued with Monk E. Grease in her hand, “because he’s been in here – with you.”

They both looked away, uncomfortably.

“Tell me the truth,” she said.

Karen swallowed hard.

“He hasn’t,” Karen said. Technically it wasn’t a lie, she thought. But she knew the fact that she had fucked Angie’s husband in the attic of his mother’s house should not be a secret, either.
But Angie was so relieved. The air between them hung with a sagging guilt of the lie about Karen and Seth having an affair.

“What kind of day?” Angie asked.

“What?” Karen said.

“What kind of day have you had?”

Karen sank slowly to the floor. She tried not to cry but the tears just came. Angie rushed to her.

“Stand up, sweetie,” Angie said. “You’ll ruin that pretty dress!”

“He – he proposed to me!” Karen confessed through sobs. “Drew wants me to be his little Mormon wife!”

“He what!” Angie said. “Just like that? I know we’re LDS and all, but that’s FAST!”

“He wants someone – like – like you, Angie!”

Now, Angie blushed. “Do you love him?” she asked.

“No!” Karen blurted out.

“Then why would he…”

“He and I have been…” Karen let herself trail off. “God, I’m such an easy slut!”

“Oh my God, and here I was worried about…” Angie shook her head. “I’m so sorry, Karen! You are not a slut! Hell, if I were half as pretty as you, I’d be doing all three of these brothers!”

Now Karen openly cried.

“Hush now,” Angie said, pulling Karen to her feet and guiding her to sit on the bed.

“I need to tell him ‘no’,” Karen said. “I just don’t know how. I’ve never been proposed to, before!”

“I’ll help!” Angie offered, excitedly. “It’s the least I can do!”

“I can’t ask anything of you, Angie,” Karen said. “Not after–”

“Don’t worry,” Angie said. “I’m here for you.”

Angie put her arms around Karen and her heart floated to the ceiling even as it sank to the core of the Earth.

Later that night, Angie took Karen by the hand and went to Drew’s apartment in town. Together, they broke the news to Drew that Karen wanted things to go back to the way that they were.

Drew was embarrassed but Angie insisted on leaving before he could say anything to make things worse.

Angie ran interference with Drew from that moment on. When she wasn’t with her kids, she was near Karen.


On Sunday, after Church, Angie excused them out of family dinner by saying that Karen had agreed to have the missionaries over to the shop apartment.

Dottie was ecstatic and offered to keep the kids while the two girls took a “discussion”. Seth and Gunner were confused. Drew, still embarrassed, grabbed a quick bite and then left before dinner.

“You didn’t really invite missionaries over, did you?” Karen asked with a near-whine when the two of them got back to the apartment.

“Hell, no!” Angie said, digging through the cabinet over the range. She produced a large brown bag and started to pull items out of it.

“I just want to keep you away from the family for a while,” Angie said. “I think things are a little sore after everything that happened, this week.”

“So what are we–” Karen started.
Angie turned with tubes of pre-made cookie dough in her hands.

“We’re making cookies?” Karen laughed.

“We’re going to HOG OUT on cookies,” Angie corrected her, “and watch movies in bed and just hang out like a couple of girlfriends in high school!”

Karen smiled, “that sounds so nice, sweetheart!”

That last word sort of hit Angie broadly in the chest. She tried to pretend that it hadn’t but Karen could not be mistaken: she had struck a chord in Angie. Maybe Angie needed a break as much as Karen did.

They had a grand time chatting about Church and about Angie’s kids while thy buttered cookie sheets and ate cookie dough and scooped dough balls onto the sheet.

It was nice for Karen to do something girly for a change.

“What?” Angie asked, spying Karen’s face.

Karen shrugged with a big smile, “Thank you.”


“Friendship,” Karen said. “It’s been a long time.”

Angie set the finished cookie sheet down and blushed for a moment. Karen reached out to touch her hand to reassure her that it was a nice thing and not anything to be embarrassed about.

“Oh!” Angie pulled her hand back and broke the uncomfortable silence. “I almost forgot!”

She produced a bottle that she had obviously hidden in the cupboard with the other ingredients.

“It’s strawberry champagne!” Angie said in a voice that no person over thirteen uses to express excitement for low-alcohol-content sparkling wine. “I had to go up to State Liquor, yesterday, to grab it.”

She tried in vain to pop the cork.

“Is that allowed?” Karen said, taking the bottle from her hands. She cut the foil and ribbon and put the bottle between her knees for added leverage.

“Do you always live by the rules, Karen?” Angie teased.

Karen shook her head, “I think that we both know the answer to that. The question is whether you want to be doing this.”

The cork popped and sprayed.

Angie started to catch the foaming champagne in red SOLO cups.

“It’s like a party in a John Hughes movie!” Angie said a little too excitedly.

“Like Pretty in Pink,” Karen said with a smile.

“You love that movie, too!” Angie asked.

Karen smiled bigger, “who doesn’t love Molly Ringwald movies?”

“Stupid men,” Angie rolled her eyes.

Karen took a cup from Angie and their fingers brushed together for a moment. Surprisingly, the sensation was electric.

“To stupid men,” Karen said, raising her cup for a toast.

“And their stupid, lovely cocks,” Angie said, already acting tipsy before her first sip.

“I like this side of you,” Karen said as they raised their cups to their lips.

Angie downed her whole cup in a long gulp.

“What side is that?” she said, pouring herself another.

Karen shrugged.

“The worldly woman?” Angie said, giddily leaning close to Karen’s face.

“Worldly? I don’t know about worldly.”

“Then?” Angie asked, taking another long swig.

“…Just…fun,” Karen said.

Angie stopped drinking and swallowed the mouthful that she had. Suddenly serious, she gazed into the mouth of her cup, pondering. Then she didn’t say anything.
Karen reached out and touched her arm, immediately drawing Angie’s attention to the point of contact.

“I’m sorry,” Karen whispered. “I meant it as a compliment.”

Then Angie’s lips were on Karen’s. Karen was so shocked, she dropped her cup, still practically full of its first pour, splashing onto the cheap linoleum floor.

Plain as she was, Angie’s lips were delicate and feminine. Her eyes were squeezed tight with a nervousness that made Karen’s heart pound loudly in her ears.

Karen froze for a long time – at least it seemed like a long time. What was she supposed to do?

She wondered. After all, just last Sunday, she was kissing this woman’s husband! She was – doing more than that, even.

“Oh my Gosh!” Angie said, her hands covering her mouth. “Oh, no!”

“It’s okay!” Karen interrupted her, pressing the heel of her hand to her own swimming head.

“Don’t – no, it’s fine! I wasn’t trying – oh, shit…”

Angie’s face was red as a beet as she stood awkwardly.

Karen stepped in and held her by the elbows, “please don’t be embarrassed,” she said.

Angie slipped out of her hands and against the wall, her hands covering her whole face now as she clearly started to cry.

“Please don’t,” Karen insisted, stepping closer.

“I can’t believe I did that!” Angie said, turning away. “And to you, of all people.”

“I’m fine,” Karen lied. “Really, please it was very sweet and if I were…I would easily…”

“Please don’t make it any worse,” Angie said.

Karen stepped in behind her.

“I didn’t know,” Karen said. “I should have guessed.”

Angie turned her attention to the oven and said “it’s fine! Just forget it.”

Karen reached out slowly to touch her. Angie suddenly had the door to the oven open and slipped the cookie sheet into it.

“This isn’t completely pre-heated,” Angie said as she noisily closed the old oven and snatched up the egg timer from the countertop. “But It’s close e–.”

She froze as she felt Karen’s hands on her shoulders. Angie set the egg timer down on the countertop as Karen lifted her raven-black hair and exposed the back of her neck.

“You don’t have to do that,” Angie whispered.

“I never wanted to, before,” Karen said, nuzzling her nose into the nape of Angie’s exposed neck, “before I knew that you wanted to.”

“And now you want to?” Angie asked, her breath heavy with the champagne as she turned to look at Karen over her shoulder.

Karen nodded and kissed her lips.

“Again,” Angie whispered.

Karen lifted the back of Angie’s dress and wrapped her arms around her. She rocked Angie gently like two lovers dancing in the moonlight.

Karen caressed Angie’s tummy, lightly, and kissed her sweet lips. She slid her tongue between

Angie’s lips and tasted the mixture of her lip gloss with the sparkling wine on her tongue.

The high-waisted elastic of Angie’s Mormon underwear tucked her top in so that they were more like a one-piece swimsuit than undershirt-and-panties. Karen untucked it and slid her hands into the bottoms, letting her hands explore the other woman’s flesh.

“I have a C-section scar down there,” Angie said, suddenly holding onto Karen’s hand on her tummy.

Karen whispered in her ear: “Okay.”

“I just wanted to warn you, in case…” Angie panted.

“I want to kiss you down there,” Karen said.

Angie had to hold out both hands to the counter to steady herself.

“I think I could get into serious trouble with the Church for doing this,” Angie confessed. “But I want to, so badly.”

“Then just let it happen,” Karen whispered in her ear.

“I’ve never done this before,” Angie said.

“Me, neither,” Karen said, pulling Angie away from the counter and turning her around so they were nose-to-nose, breast-to-breast, hip-to-hip.

“We’re both big girls,” Karen whispered. “We’ll figure it out, together.”

Karen pressed her breasts against Angie’s and kissed her once more. Angie’s buttocks were pressed against the countertop, which she hung onto to keep from collapsing.

Karen sank to her knees and looked up to Angie as she lifted her apron and then lifted her skirt. She grabbed the soft cotton fabric of the long undershorts and pulled them down, down, down to Angie’s heels. To be blunt: they looked closer to bloomers than panties. Had Drew really expected that Karen would wear something like that for the rest of her life? The thought made her shudder.

“What’s wrong?” Angie’s voice suddenly said.

“Nothing,” Karen lied. “Your legs are so pretty.”

She kissed the exposed skin of Angie’s strong and shapely calves. She held onto Angie’s ankles as she helped her step out of the bizarre underthings. Then there it was: Angie’s pussy. It’s black hairs were straight and gathered tightly. Not surprisingly, she was very neatly-trimmed. Karen couldn’t help but be drawn to the shape of her long and delicate pussy lips. This was definitely different than her own: a mother’s vagina. A woman’s vagina.

She spread Angie’s knees apart and leaned forward and, cupping the other woman’s buttocks in her hands for leverage, Karen licked.

Angie’s pussy tasted sweet like nectar. Her short, black hairs tickled Karen’s nose.

“Please, don’t stop!” Angie moaned in response to her touch. Her body was squirming and her back arching in anticipation.

With all the skill of a seasoned dyke, Karen slowly spread the lips of Angie’s yearning and wet pussy. The other woman moaned lustily as Karen began softly licking. Her tongue flatly traced Angie’s slit from top to bottom. Over and over, again, she devoured the entrance to Angie’s sex like a child with an ice cream cone. Then she began flicking Angie’s clit, driving the other woman to grapple onto the counter over the oven like she was riding a roller-coaster with no safety bar.

“Yes! Oh! Oh my – yes!” Angie squeaked. She panted and moaned in a voice starved for sexual attention.

Karen broke from mouth-worshipping Angie to tracing her with one finger. As Angie became wetter and wetter, Karen penetrated deeper and deeper inside of her.

“Someone – will – “ Angie whispered before panting so deeply that her legs started to shake under her long skirt.

Karen slowly retreated and then penetrated again, sliding a second finger into Angie’s loving sex.

Angie was pinching her nipples with one hand while grabbing a handful of Karen’s hair as Karen buried her tongue and fingers into her pussy.

“Oh – my – grrrd!” Angie growled through grit teeth as Karen’s tongue slipped in with her fingers. Karen licked her pussy-lips, drinking the sweet flavor of Angie’s love, stopping only to sweetly cherish the growing button of Angie’s clitoris. Angie’s thighs trembled uncontrollably as

Karen finger-fucked her persistently and joyfully.

To Karen’s delight, a splash of clear liquid erupted from Angie’s pussy. It splashed on the bridge of Karen’s nose: warm and thin and wet and strongly-scented with a woman’s unique and natural flavor.

“You squirt!” Karen said with delight.

“I’m sorry!” Angie shouted.

“Don’t be,” Karen said.

“Oh!” Angie gasped as a climax overtook her. “Oh, Karen!” She cried out a little too loudly. The orgasm coursed through her veins and danced across her breasts and her skin.

Angie closed her eyes as a final, teeth-rattling eruption flooded her body.

A moment later, as they ate cookies in bed, legs intertwined as Netflix played some boring Adam Sandler comedy in the background, Angie gazed into Karen’s eyes.

“I can see why Drew can’t get enough of you,” she said.

“How do you feel?” Karen asked, sincerely.

“Like a very, very dirty goddess,” Angie admitted.

“Dirty?” Karen smiled. “I’m the one who got squirted on!”

Karen pressed her finger to Angie’s lips before she could apologize again.

“Do me a favor,” Karen said.

“Anything,” Angie whispered.

“Go flip on that switch on the wall,” Karen said, pointing to the water heater switch.

Angie knew what that switch did. She smiled.

“Then what?”

“Then we’re going to get clean, together.”

Fuck thisIt's ok.I've had better.Fuck yeah!OMG ORGASMIC! (1 votes, average: 5.00 out of 5)

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