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GoG: When it’s not not prostitution, what is it?

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Is sex a currency?

A few years back, a girlfriend who is also a single mom like me, confided in me that she was having sex with her landlord. I knew her landlord – a kinda weird, heavyset journeyman electrician – and I was a little bit shocked. She was so pretty and he was sooooooooo not.

Well, she seemed surprised that she had to clear up for me: “it’s not love, Becks, it’s to get out of paying rent.”

Was that obvious? Call be a dumb bitch, but it would have never occurred to me to do that. I was immediately enthralled in the idea of it. I pay just over a thousand bucks a month in rent and I can tell you: I’d do an awful lot to get to keep that spending power in the coffers a while. Would I sleep with my darling and friendly and super charming landlord?

Fuck, yeah, I would! In an instant. I’d make that motherfucker’s heart afterglow for days! (Super glad that he will never read this.)

At least that is what I thought in the moment. I started to ask around to girlfriends I knew and see if this was really surprisingly common. I’ll spare you the details of my informal study: half of them said that they either had done it or that they would if they thought that it really would work as an NSA tradeoff for rent. The other half were appalled that I would even ask such a question.

Of those who had done it, it was usually out of some kind of emergency: car repairs came up that month or the kid broke his arm or she had lost her job and Dad was late on child support (or just straight flaking). That made a lot more sense to me.

Even if it was only one month a quarter, that would be $4600 bonus every year for me. Your favorite smut author doesn’t make those kinds of bonuses at her dayjob, hate to burst your bubble. And this got me thinking: I write smut because it is a sexy and fun way to make extra money (or it will be).

What other sexy things do single moms do to make money?

My friend – no names, let’s call her Misty – sells her worn panties. I was shocked. She is a lovely girl. But she’s no porn star. She has got a good fifteen pounds on me and your lovely and petite favorite smut author has to work hard to keep her figure. But men love looking at pics of her in the panties that they buy to – well, to sniff them.

Don’t get me wrong. I like the faint whiff of lady-musk as much as the next blatantly-if-somewhat-desparately-bisexual girl (as long as it isn’t my own) but selling it so that some random guys on the internet could…oh, gimme a minute

…no, no, I think I’ll be okay…hold on…

I asked her how she sells them.

She started on craigslist but then eventually went on to She found the men on there to be rude and crass and too few ( lets men have accounts for free but only lets them send/receive messages if they pay twenty bucks a month). Then she turned me onto this thing on reddit:

Okay, I’m not the best at reddit. I want to do better. But as I went through this, I thought that I had died and gone to sexy money heaven! How the hell am I supposed to ever get anything done, again!

I’m ready for my close-up, Miss Embers.

I have a cousin (okay, ex-cousin – she’s the ex’s cousin who is the only person I can talk to at his family get-togethers when I get suckered into them) that we will call Daisy. She is a recent single mom with no job and a full-time schedule at BYU – that’s right that BYU.

I knew that Daisy had worked as a stripper before (not the kind of thing that a girl keeps a secret for long in Provo, Utah) but that she had settled down when she got religion and found a man. Okay, fine. But that man is gone now and she is working on a psych degree at BYU. Good for you, honey.

And she does webcamming on – my hell, has the world gone mad!

I asked her how she thinks that she can get away with it, given that LDS people are insane purity police and Provo, Utah is not exactly known for its standards of privacy. She confided in me that she wears a mardi gras mask while in “public” (where anyone can watch and interact for free and leave tips if she does something sexy) and then takes it off if the guys ask her to in private (which they don’t always).

She also tells men that she lives in her real hometown of Boise, Idaho in order to throw Mormon pervs off the scent and reduce her likelihood of getting into trouble.

She makes between $500-$1000 per day, usually working between 3-6 hours and working weekends and 2-3 late nights per week after the baby has gone down to sleep.

Well, let’s just say she’s now the person that I go to to borrow grocery money at the end of the month. Yeah. Great.

At least she doesn’t live in BYU housing. I can see that turning into the crime of a century. You get ratted out for looking at porn in BYU housing.

Oh, to be young and easy-skinny and part of a sexually-repressed religion, again. But we can’t turn back that clock.

Okay, I tried doing phone sex on niteflirt.

Seriously: do not waste your time. Kinky? Yes. Fun? Sometimes. But way oversaturated. At one point, I was taking calls while the baby was in the bath and paying for search engine traffic and getting into creepy drip-with-grossness forums to promote my page and…all so that I could talk to some guy about playing with his peepee while trying to keep my son’s clean?

Nope! Too weird. I write weird scenes. I don’t fucking live them (okay at least not those ones). At one point I considered jumping over to one of the more reputable phone sex operator sites but OMG what a waste of time.

Prostitution is not glam.

No, no, I’m not about to confess to anything of my own past. I’ve been fortunate enough to avoid that. However…

I grew up poor in Las Vegas. Okay, not poor-poor but poor enough. And I know a lot of lady-friends who went straight into the adult industry. When we were in our teens and twenties…

But we’re not, anymore. And frankly, in Nevada, the career pathway for even a masturbation or girl-on-girl porn star only leads to stripping and stripping means prostitution – the kind that is illegal even in NV – and that career pathway only moves up to brothel prostitution (the kind that is legal in NV). Which is actually a real step up from taking dirty money, drugs and unsolicited business advice from gross Vegas tourists, even if brothel money isn’t as good (and several times more sad).

The PornHub Revolution will not be televised.

Step in the PornHub Community. Don’t know anyone who does it, never tried it personally – been tempted many times.

Apparently, it’s a good way to make DIY porn and get paid. Oh and there is apparently a thriving market for sexy MILF’s so…

Don’t look at me like that! Just because I posted Emma twice…she’s my redhead spirit animal…Okay Laura Linney is my redhead spirit-animal…Emma’s my gaze-into-my-reflection-and-remember-when…Oh, stop it, Becky!

And you get to work when you want and post it and it continues to pay residually, unlike phone sex and live webcamming.

Look, I undersell it but I’m hawt for a broad pushing forty. If only my dayjob weren’t such a sensitive situation…

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