Jen enters the Batcave (Bennifer celebrity, pegging)

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Disclaimer: This is a fictional story. The beautiful thing was that Jen’s Elektra costume still fit. At least the blood-crimson vinyl bustier did. Jen had kept fairly good watch over her figure after bearing Ben’s babies. But the thighs could be a little less chunky, so she had swapped the leather leggings for fishnet stockings. […]


FLASH: Call for Backup

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Flash stories are brief stories of intensely taboo erotica. Plink, plink, plink went the the nubs on Officer Delilah’s thick crystalline silicone dildo. Her ass cheeks clenched as she drove her hips forward, penetrating him deeper and deeper. Each plink was less a sound and more a sensation as another silicone nub rudely flicked the […]


Small Penis Humiliation Stories 1

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A professional opinion Well, like a lot of guys where prostitution is allowed I once went to a professional lady to et professionelle laid and have the sex of my life (that’s what a lot of guys will tell you). When I met her I was speechless. Damn she was a beauty. Young, sweet with […]